I failed you each time you called me,
Time’s has its own way and I submit to him,
It’s unlikely that I will win.
So why do have you halted yourself?
It’s time for you leave and leave!.
I don’t have words now.
How can a small box carry a big one?
You ought to shine like a star in the sky.
You have the whole sky dear!
Why is that you always call my name ?
I have nothing besides thatched hut,
Some tattered clothes and a meal a day.

Ah! With time things heal eventually,
It’s a matter of few days and there
Shall be no ‘me’.
Just a name I would be !
A name that many random individuals have.
So, there is nothing to lose nothing to gain either.
Life has its own subtle discourse.
It’s time again I say again it’s time for you to leave.
You asked,”what about me ?”, It’s because
You are so ’empathetic’,
I am just as fine as I was in yester years.
Nothing have changed.
Just enjoying the sun rays coming
Through my window, and the symphony that the silence had.
Now,our stay must end.
‘Me’ shall live till my destined time.
What on world?
living this world always seem
Like a prisoner in a cell.
I want to break free.

See your train is whistling now,
Why doth thou still listen to my feeble words?
Thou destiny awaits, dear!
A glorious and magnificent one.
I will surely pray,
Bid me a final adieu
“Adieu Oh beloved adieu oh beloved”.
I repeated faintly again.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

10 thoughts on “Adieu

  1. Don’t say this Professor. I don’t know what to type, my eyes are so clouded with tears. You must not say so. You are my angel. You taught me sabr and then you say this. You are no random name, none can replace you. My professor ji, you are my professor. Say this is only for writing’s sake. You wanted to write something na which will make everyone cry. This will definitely make.

    “Time had been my enemy so far,”
    Never say this professor. I once read in a hadith where Allah subhanahu wata’aala says, ‘They curse time, but they don’t know that I am the past, the present and future. I am time.’ these are not the exact words. I will send you that hadith.

    May Allah bless you. Āmīn.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. May Allah subhanahu wata’aala forgive us. My professor ji guides me, if you wish I can give you his contact details. 🙃

        May Allah always bless you. Āmīn.

        Liked by 1 person

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