Sailed away

Today I felt like a shattered piece of glass,
something missing in me that kept haunting me.
Now, my lachrymal glands have dried too.
These four walls that helped me soothe
are also crying, I can hear them.
It’s what world has to offer me-
Morsels and dead dried leaves.

Those halo charm, voice and my roasts
are my nightmares in a sublime way.
I will take them in my grave.
It is one of the best gifts that life has given me.
Sometimes what you pray for takes a lot of the toll.
Dreams are just dreams, Alas! interred!.

I will be along side the shore of the river,
shouting at you while you sail away,
I will follow you till the sunset beyond that
I can’t run since
you will vanish across the horizon.
I know you have to go to meet expectations.
The humans around you wear masks
eating bit by bit your flesh, eventually
Consume your heart and steal ‘you’ away
from you.
And you called them your angels,
they are ignorant souls locked around glitzy walls.

Lastly, as my ink dries on the parchment
it will lay forever here buried in the attic.
On this path i shall tread alone,
lonesome I am without you in the crowd.
Who said wishes come true,
my wish of my life sailed away, forever.


Copyright reserved.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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