Delights of the periwinkle

Let me Unfold some pages
of shattered pieces in lost town
Flying in oblivion of unknown sky
There I find in darkness of night
A demure filled with kindness and love.
Sometimes I wonder in remnants of my thoughts
What signs that it foretells?
Profusely soaking the words as i pen
And in the foggy night I saw a shine
Shining resplendently, through words.

I am periwinkle you kept me safe
In the garden of your bliss and hope.
My heart is ice often it melts
And through my eyes it reflect
I am a being not of this worldly world
So are you, profound unlike profane.(ماشاء اللہ)

My poetry is failing now to find the way,
The way to lighten up from my own shambles
breathing these iambs in the voids of air,
The air from heavens you bring
Letting me breathe and saving me.
A amaranthine spark you are
Guiding is your reflections.
Your visage imprinted on the highest ranks
I am quite sure in the heavens. (God willing)


Copyright reserved to Aquib. No part of the poems or excerpts should be copied without the consent of the writer.

Pc credit-aquib.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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