Blithe carefulness

Since the dawn the rays beaming and yelling,
Epiphanies of the kind-cruel world,
How the flower that bloomed was crushed !
How the periwinkle was uprooted !
The… the sparrows were poisoned and killed,
The… the earthen pot was shattered ,
The sweetest water that I sipped
Spilled and castigated on ground.

The bitter-sweet angelic wolfy smile ,
Won over the smile that was lost since epoch,
And the facade of magnificent glitz won,
That’s how it heralded me,
‘beware of the pricks’.
But I tread it was such a pleasurable pain.
It’s all in the parchment of the time.
Alas! They are dissolved and lost.
Forgotten on the footprints on time.
I kept longing for the time where
The tryst with the poetry will be sublime.
Alas, it broke nonchalantly.
And bleed profusely in murk of the fog.

You are like a mirage,
Your apparition embedded in my poetry.
And memories like dew drops on grass,
Wishes are the warmth in my shivering night.
The dagger in my chest won again ,
“Et tu”, I said and collapsed on my grave.
I died again before the death would seize my breath.
And when you turn back,
Please take my blood stained shirt.
As a memoir that world wins in this world.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

15 thoughts on “Blithe carefulness

  1. ‘The world wins in this world’,
    Yes you have said the truth,
    But no dagger my love,
    will ever touch you.
    You my dear are submitted to the higher truth.
    The flimsy hands of this world,
    Sure shine but lack the strength,
    Reduce they will to ash and smoke,
    But this vinca they can never touch.
    My angel you are eternal,
    My love oh pious pure,
    What is death to believers?
    Another beginning, not more,
    Your student will be with you,
    Till we breathe, and then in peaceful graves, for sure for sure for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sab hamare professor ji Ka fazal o karam Hai. Alhamdulillah.
        Yeh starry eyes Dekh ke hame hamesha Desai aqsa Yaad aa jaati Hain. 😛


    1. Oh God, that’s too much for me. You are my favorite poetess here. Dear yassy I learnt so much from you just by reading your poetry . Thanks for praising my meek attempt . It means a lot.
      JazakAllah khair

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Never underestimate yourself , Aquib. You are so gifted and I am proud to know you and feel honoured to be able to read your work.


      1. Aha, have Sabr 😅. It will sure pass , my good wishes and prayers go to you.
        Thanks a lot for the love and support means a lot.


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