My pen is shaking to write for you,
When the crimson morning fell upon it was all green then,
Filled with your chirpings all around the alleyway of my heart,
Your sacrifices made my mind yours ,
With every passing night,
I craved your embrace, you completed me,
As the jigsaw puzzle you completed my story.

A storm came and blew away our Dreamland,
annihilated as if nothingness only resides.
You were strong but I got lost in the maze.
Kept yelling your name,
“Hey I am here”, “look just right back”.
But you didn’t recognize my voice ,
the voice that you craved to listen, fell on deaf ears.
Reality sucks let me be in my own Oblivion now,
This world is a cage to me, I yearn to break free.

It is not always works as planned,
I never knew parallel lines can even meet,
And you won again, and proved me wrong.
Winning isn’t my habit and I kept losing.
Your words still haunt me till date.
My home a thatched hut with broken mirrors
Which lay scattered on floor.
And you still knock, oh beloved !
I wish to breakfree and leave this mourning world of mine.
I have forgotten what smile is.
Love is like cactus in the lonesome desert.

Alas, my bones are crippling over the calumny ramparts,
Eating morsels of my dreams
And hiding the scars my fall gave.
Wish I can embrace and cry my heart out.
Oh dear, where doth thou stand ?
Hold me and let me walk out of this house.

Copyright reserved.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

9 thoughts on “Breakfree

  1. “My home a thatched hut with broken mirrors
    Which lay scattered on floor.”
    This thatched hut is the most beautiful place
    this earth can ever provide,
    If heaven on earth is anywhere,

    Liked by 1 person

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