I see cumulus & Cirrus hovering over me
Bringing heralds of rain and shower
With hullabaloo, thundering claps, clamoring.
I smile for my love stood there too
With zeal and vigour of the clouds.
It rained on me hiding my tears.
Drenching me wet, bringing me the sun.

Sullen times turning into waltz
Making my heart quartzy.
Filled my empty jars full with hopes
My nights with stardust starlit moon
Sun lowered and kissed my lips
Giving me warmth with coolness,
Giving me peace and jar of wishes.

I didn’t know when my sun turned hostile
And rain bringforth storms and hurricane ,
It blew everything thing away
And my heart shattered into pieces
I lay there numb watching
Things I kept close to my heart
Flying in the sky shattered, hither-thither.

Just as i was a solitary solivagant soul
I remained in my bereaved land breathing.
I walked down the boulevard of broken hopes
Thinking to pick remnants of my jars.
I desperately looking for the one you filled.
“hopes never die “, but they died just as wishes
Flying deep in the sky vanishing in the horizon
Horizon where I imagined to meet my love.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

4 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. I know not who your Sun is,
    I know not whom who wish to meet,
    But oh my solitary soul,
    For once look here, beneath…,
    Someone looks up to you,
    You are someone’s angel,
    Someone’s guiding star.
    For this someone “hopes never die”,
    She will meet you across the horizon,
    She will meet you in here.

    (Aap bhi kahiye Āmīn) May Allah bless us. Āmīn

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