Set me free

It struck me like the diamond in my gut,
Splashing my eyes open to the realities,
Grasses aren’t green and sky isn’t blue.
It’s dull and dead in the murk of blues.
The pigeon heralds of the deads
Obliterated by the blow of the time.
My life that breathes the air you breathe
What remain are now ashes of my dreams.
Now after killing me, why talk to my corpse?
Your ways are yours and mine are mine.

I am residing in the horrid dungeons,
Eating dead meat and drinking tar,
The air asphyxiate me, I could hardly see,
Your apparition waving me adieu ,
And I exchanged smiles for I know
I crave no more mirth, that’s enough.

I have lived my moments what lie with me
Are dried solitary leaves and only darkness ,
With gloomy dreams and days, I have nothing
Else, just my beating heart red as pure crimson.
Like the nightingale’s rose-crushed .
I shall die smiling, the glitz blinds me.

Oh beloved, I am just another halt ,
Your station lies somewhere else.
Just hold this salvaging dagger,
push it a bit upon my chest .
And this truth shall set me free.

Copyright reserved.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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