Remember those days
when the sun smiled ,
And I was so happy with
the turning days into nights.
My heart was beating
in resonance with yours.
Now I lay in the darkness
counting my days.

I like those starry nights and moon,
I like voids around me, I love the
Symphony that silence shouts.
I am breaking, crumbling
And dying each day, faking smile.
And swimming in the turmoil
The baggage on my back
is Breaking my back.

You never encaged me ,
I was a free bird and I am
Like a falcon in the sky.
And Everytime I hear your voice
I stammer with the words
Haven’t you noticed every time?
It is how destiny works,
All in the yellow parchment of time.
One day I will be strong as you,
Interring beautiful memories
And laughter and chirpings
All in the dead land of my mind.
And begin my journey under
Land of this beautiful Earth.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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