I had only meagre affection left.
That too I have used in,
building a home for you for us.
Alas! Which had no foundation.
Eventually, I saw its annihilation.
This tacit heart of mine,
Stoic like a soldier is not strong enough.
To prevent that collapse.

Wish I can give my heart
Where I once saw my home.
Wish I could tell that you are my sunshine
In my sky that had no hope.
Why is that storm arrives?
Took away my everything.
My ‘everything’ have always been ‘you’.

Now, that you have my words,
Puckered in your messy brain,
Clenched by your satin hand.
That in meandering alleys,
Or in dungeons will be your light.
Now that time has separated us
In your book I am now printed
And i know when you turn your pages.
Your eyes will not able to hold your tears.
I know the electricity of your brain.
I know you more than yourself.

Remember everything remained unfulfilled,
Like a lost child with no parents
No home shall it find.
And as time will pass!
It will too vanish in my sky.
Unsung, tacit like a dumb
Whenever you see these specks
Of dust when sunshine arrives.
These are ashes of my love
Ashes ashes and just ashes.

Nothing left when my
‘everything’ left.


Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

6 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. Hum teen baar Likh ke Mita chuke Hain. Hame Nahi pata kya kahe. You know the electricity of her brain, yes her eyes are not able to hold the tears. She is a fool. But no more a lost child. For Allah subhanahu wata’aala blessed her with an angel. Every lost child eventually finds a home. She too found one, and hers is the most beautiful most pious home. It is the heart of an angel. Her sweet angel. Or will the angel give her only one chamber. Your bewakoof is crying and smiling, such a bewakoof she is.

    Oh my professor, my professor no storm will ever harm our home. May Allah bless you Āmīn. May Allah always protect you. Āmīn


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