unsung muse

I have only one star shining and guiding
That is you, my world a ajar of closed ones
Now that you are drifting away slowly
But surely my sky won’t be having star.
And will be devoid of any light.
It’s about that time that you leave.
I know one day it would happen.
And my world surely would then split asunder.
You will probably be light years faraway
To even hear about my own annihilation
Let alone shedding some tears.
I am expecting too much now,
It’s a ‘thing of beauty’ to cherish the stars
The love only is limited admiration
Whilst, why will you care about worlds?
I was just one of them.

I am the stop you halted,
Oh! your stay your chitter chatters,
Echoing in my valley seems, so profound
This may seem insignificant
But for those like me its magnificent
A mellifluous scribbled symphony
Fettered my bridled angst to peace.
I have been lucky indeed, I can’t hold you
More more upon dusk you have to leave.
But your memories eloped my heart.
That stays forever with me,
Alas i know you won’t care,
I was among the many halts you took.

The turbulent ocean that you wish to cross
And reach the other side of shore,
Your entrusted me and my small boat
Ah! Your serene visage when I saw
I looked at the moon then your face
I couldn’t distinguish it was so alike.
Escorting you to the world of yours
The elapsed time a memento to me.
That I would take away with me to my home
And will sing ballads out of it
The love indeed lives.
Even though it was
Nascent journey but intermittent in my memory.
I know you won’t care
I was among the many boatsmen.

Wishes are feelings untrue true,
Love in my heart never faded
I will be the same for you
Same world, same boatman
And same halt. If you need me
Just take my name again.

Copyright reserved.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

4 thoughts on “unsung muse

  1. Ab mil Rahe Hain mail professor. Naya wala address contacts me save Kar lijiyega toh spam me Nahi jaega, aur puraane spam se retrieve Kar lijiyega (agar man kare toh). Waise bahut saare honge, par padh lijiyega.

    Professor my professor your bewakoof is always with you. Allah sab Sahi Kar denge. Āmīn

    Liked by 1 person

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