Weird talks.

1.The feeling when you are about to sneeze but it did not happen.
(happen with me just now, I am trying to fake my sneeze I am not getting it right , it’s annoying Man )

2. Seeing mosquito on the roof of the mosquito’s net and enjoying the ultimate satisfaction.
(Aur saleey bahut katte the , ab kato dam h toh, *put my fingers there* smell the blood dude, this is what you gonna get *evil smile* in vengeance there is certainly satisfaction.).

3. You are coughing the infinite times in the most important lecture happening in your class. *ohoo ohooo……upto infinity* ( best way to be thrown out of the class in a most respectful way imaginable) (Son you are so illl please go to the dispensary get some expectorant *in his mind-gtfo*.).

4. Seeing the most dreadful relatives in your house and you are bearing their soreful talks and yeah! politely because at your 12’O clock your Mom is sitting.

5. You are doing completely random shitty thing , incomprehensible like dancing weirdly , walking on your toes walking like an alien and someone out of nowhere notices your weirdness. That awkward feeling, “Oh God , that’s not me , Can you please unsee this ? , I am not doing this “. And you just smile “heh heh”.
©//Aquib //

Pic credit – belongs to rightful owner.

Comment down if you have something weirder. And let me know which one of these is more out of the world.
Let’s get weird, normal to sab Hain (ie being normal is quite normal 😛😛)

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11 thoughts on “Weird talks.

  1. 2nd wale me Woh word hata dijiye, hame achha Nahi Lagta.

    Gtfo matlab ?

    Hame sabse achha 5th laga. Hum aise ajeeb bada karte Hain

    Hamare professor ji Khush rahiyega hamesha. Āmīn

    Liked by 1 person

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