Oh dear! Stay there,
I am Vexed by excruciating thoughts
I see lies and lie in the abysmal clamoring silence,
Don’t cometh, don’t call,
Don’t come near me to save
Let me crawl up from the dungeon.

I hear voices from the balcony of my heart,
I hear them again and again
These voices make me dead and boneless.
Paralyzing me, choking my breath.
It was never the fault of the stars,
I know, the fights have always been mine.
I need to wake up from the slumber
And kill the voices I had.
But i feel numb, in chains of the darkness.
The dawn of mine seems afar, like a mirage,
In This bewildering night I have to walk alone.

These trials and tribulations have battered me,
Pummeled me to extreme.
I yearn some light, some guiding stars
Some bones that give me rigidity.
Time they say is the Master of fate,
The might of it I have tasted..
And now in me left are bits of charred papers
Upon which I can write some dead lines.

Pc- unplash.com

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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