The Carnage

She realised someone was standing behind her, she could feel the chills down her spine. Hardly did she look back She was strangled upon the ground. It was like the grasp of Gog and megog (the notorious creature from whom none can escape save those by the Almighty) , she was petrified on the ground and the pain was as though her skin were being peeled off and that jolted her tremendously, she was wailing in pain but the cries couldn’t escape her sealed mouth.
A gush of blood pierced out from the jugulars, she was turning white , her legs tremored erratically as the pain etched to extremity.

The sun rose the next day-
She woke up from the slumber when the sun rays falling were burning her skin on her cheeks turning burnt red, there was still the mark of fresh wound on her neck and the torch she had the last night laying down next to her. She realised her eyes as she looked at her reflection on the torch they appeared to be bloody crimson. she could feel the uncontrollable rage, the adrenaline rush was making her outrageous. The carnal desire of the blood upon seeing the dog she used to love to death blinded her humane mind. She is not “she” anymore.
Her dog “lobby” trembled in helplessness as she sucked his blood completely like a maniac.
The dog laid dead on the floor.

The sun sat, the eve fell upon.
She moved out from her home into the dark woods nearby.
No sooner than she left whistling of sirens and barricades round her house could be seen.
“It seemed the murderer gruesomely murdered them, we suspect the act of some cultist or an occult satanic group,
What psycho murderer they were!”, The sergeant briefed the media .
“Sir, one girl Sarah is missing. we searched almost everywhere, looks like she have been abducted”, the other sergeant added.

Pic credit- to the respective owner.

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the unsung poet..

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