……. #love

Remember Oh beloved that day
When you rang me up
Fretting like anything
about my safety,
And you said that you had only me
that you couldn’t even fathom to lose.
I have called you umpteenth times,
“bhootni and Bakri”,(ghost-like & goat)
But the fact is I can’t get over
that beady brown eyes,
sparkling like a star,
I would like to take away the credit too
They are just like mine.

You entered the bedroom of
My heart and hoisted your flag.
Chattering the whole day as though
Tomorrow never existed.
You can never grow up dear,
And i never want too.

You always act tough and strong,
Your bossy voice used to tremble
Whenever you told me in unsaid words
“Aquib, Aquib Aquib….”

These uncertainties have overwhelmed me,
I am no more like me,
For once again call my name,
I promise I will hug you tight
Till our heart resonate in unison
Lubb dubb lubb dubb lubb.

The paper town we built over
Hopes, possibilities and certainties
Burnt with flames red and blue.
But I collected those ashes
And adorned it as stars in my sky
Where on each night I count them.
Where we laughed, fought and kissed.

The only song you dedicated to me,
Your veritable heart I never thought
Belonged to mine but you snatched
As the tune of the song fainted and
The stars in the sky kept falling.
You had the habit of winning and
I declared you as the winner
Me as someone who lost in love.
I wished to hear your kiddish voice
Once more before you crushed me
For I was the periwinkle in the garden
Of roses and daisies.

You are among pixies and fairies dear,
And the flower that blossomed
Dried ’cause of the weeds sown
By the hands you held while flying.
It’s time for you to fly away.
And I stood watching until you
Vanished like the sun setting in the horizon.

I left the flower upon it’s fate,
But i do have some prize possessions,
With your memories I sat on the train,
Whistling, drifting away.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

6 thoughts on “……. #love

  1. Oh professor o professor ji

    “For once again call my name,
    I promise I will hug you tight
    Till our heart resonate in unison
    Lubb dubb lubb dubb lubb”

    Hold me in your arms my love
    Tight and keep me there
    Let the moments melt away
    I want to be there forever
    Hold me tight in your warmth
    So close that in you I lose I

    Liked by 1 person

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