Poem #love

Dew drops on ground,
As I walked on floor
Painted with green grass
I peeped in the past
with the rays illuminating.

Guffaw and blabbers I heard,
Enmeshed in the gossamer
Of clock, wish I can turn it back!
A Hiraeth she was only a wish
Like a lovely lost dream .

Her fragrance in my memory
Is my tryst with my poetry
To which I am intoxicated wholly.
The love moulded on blue Neptune
Our favorite planet and color.

The clumsy red dress and the goat,
And fight with cousins she told
Are Auric filigree that I adorned.
I carry her embers burning that
Do not burn but give warmth.

The horizon, mirages do not exist,
So does sky and sea don’t meet,
Shores never converge
And light cannot be seen.
So is she lost in dreams.

Meaning of the word Hiraeth- read here

Looking forward to comment and feedbacks. Keep smiling \

Much love


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Pic credit- Pexel.com

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

6 thoughts on “Poem #love

      1. I know that it is written by you. The lines have your smell. But I love to read your name written under them. My “Aquib Khan”

        May Allah bless you oh angel. Āmīn


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