Urdu Ghazal #love

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Hope you liked it.

Much love


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Published by AQUIB

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3 thoughts on “Urdu Ghazal #love

  1. Ab bahr me ho Gaya professor ? Hum pehle wala version dhoond Rahe the Mila Nahi, wo hata Diya kya. Oh professor ye bhi bahut achha hai mashallah par jab humne wo padha tha na toh alag feeling thi. Saayad pehli Baar padha tha tab isliye.

    Professor humne tab bhi yahi Kaha tha, ab bhi yahi kahenge.

    Aansoon agar rehne Hain toh sirf student ki palkon par rahe. Hamare professor ji sirf Khush rahenge. Amin.

    (Oh professor humne ise gaane ki koshish ki ek do line KO chod Kar saara tune me achhe se baithe Raha hai )

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