Poem by Aquib


My poetry is the only way to live with you ,
In my words I dance with you and bathe in
Moon kissed night. Remember the lavender
April- the day when we first flew in our sky.
Now I speak to the wall about my emptiness,
I sculpture my dreams in the vernal words.

Your sojourn embossed in my empty heart.
I visit our garden of memories every day
I sit exactly where you use to sit and smile.
At night I enter your dream land and wave
At you from the balcony of your heart and
write our promises in the papers everyday
That one day I will hand all to you at once.

Enamoured! my face kissed by your words,
Our vintage love I have framed in my heart
And surreptitiously cry in my insipid smile.
Your pulchritudinous demure I carry on my chest,
And count upon it to say, " this was the love and will be".
//Aquib //

©Copyright reserved

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