Wo pass hai (She is near) (Bilingual) – Urdu Ghazal- Aquib khan

Taaruf- introduction
Tareef- appreciation
Qalb- e veran – lonely heart
Makhsus – reserved chosen
Bebaha- precious
Khayanat –
Faraaz- zenith
Rakh e zeb – ashes of her Elegance
sunahra- shiny hujhoom- group

Dur ho Kar bhi woh mujhse bahut pass hai,
Tumhe Kya gumaan hai kitni wo pass hai.

Although she is afar yet she is very close
So close that I can't describe how close

Likh ne ko toh likh dege tarif e taaruf me,
Lafz hi nahi hai mere pass jitni wo pass hai.

I can introduce  her with  words of appreciation
but i lack those words to describe the closeness

Qalb e veran me toh aana nahi h makhsus,
Chali gyi dor lekin jatati rahi wo pass hai

My empty heart is certainly devoid of her
she parted away but insisted her of her closeness

Aaj phir chaand apne urooj me faraaz hai
Milo Duri hi sahi lekin chamakti wo pass hai.

The moon is at its full elegance and at zenith
she is too far too but she shines so close

Usne apne Qalb e bebaha ko girvi rakhdi thi
Khyanat hogyi shayad ab nahi wo pass hai.

she once indebted her glorious  heart to me
i guess i breached her trust now she is close no more

Faqat uski hi yadoon ka sunahra hujhoom hai
Waqt dar waqt zehan me bhatakti wo pass hai

her momories are only shiny  adornments with me
time to time she pass by in mind as if she is close

Nigahe dhondhti rehti hai uski aqs o wujood
Rakh e zeb h uski sirf lekin lagti wo pass hai

Still my eyes search her essence and existence
i possess only ashes of her beauty but still i feel her close
©//Aquib //

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

9 thoughts on “Wo pass hai (She is near) (Bilingual) – Urdu Ghazal- Aquib khan

  1. Loved this o professor. I like reading your Urdu poetry but the english ones engage me more. They form a deeper connection, as if they these words flowed out directly from your heart, it seems natural. While with the Urdu, it seems you wrote it not in a single sitting and in parts.


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