Inhuman human

O Listen! Inhuman human
This dearth…
The humans in pain,
Crying in plight, holding unto the paper town,
Burning with the heat of malignant malice.

Yeah I have lived thousand lives in my books.
The spitting snakes shall soon perish,
The Law of the Most Sovereign remain.
Oh! Then wait for your penitence.

The last night blew petrichor tales,
Singing hymns of springs and rain,
But Satan masked with Jacquard Face,

Stained with bloods of Innocents,
Blew the peace away .
Oh! You monster in human flesh,
You shall decay highly likely –
Humiliated and chained.

A plague will befall on
Those zombies who sucked blood,
And shall die thousand deaths.
There is the Law above all laws.
The Hour surely awaits.
Oh those wolves, disguised as saints,
Your barks are mute, voiceless.
You will be crushed and put to shame.

Rise! Exhort people to the Truth.
Soon heinous villains will be
Graced to ruination and damnation.
For when, ‘truth is hurled against falsehood
It perishes, for falsehood by it’s
Nature is bound to perish’.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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