WHO? (Bilingual) Urdu ghazal- Aquib Khan

Kis  kis  ko   sunata    raho     adhori   kahaniyan,
Mad   mast   insaan   hai   koi  sunne  wale  kaha.

To whom should I narrate my incomplete stories
People are drawn into intoxication and will be listen by whom.

Ishq  kia   bil   khuloos   nibhaya   dil  o   jaan  se
Zamane  me   iske   risaale    sunne    wale   kaha

I loved her with sincerety with heart and soul,
These stories that were written will be listen by whom

Woh  gar   kehde  din  ko   raat  toh  raat  hi  sahi
Uski azal e ada pinhaan hai parakhne wale kaha

If she tells day as night, I would surely believe her.
Her enigmatic reticent aura will be deciphered by whom.

Main   bunta   raha  khwab   wasl  e  haseen   ke
Tishn  e   chasm  e  oos   ko  pochne   wale   kaha

I weaved dreams of our Beautiful passion
This dried eye’s droplets will be wiped by whom .

Hum  se  khafa  ho  toh  khafa  hi  rehna  diljaan
bhul  jaoge  Saad  koi  raabta  rakhne  wale kaha

Oh beloved! If you are angry over me then remain angry,
‘Saad’ you will be too forget me since i am remembered by whom.

Viraan  zindagi   me  ab khusi  ki  marhale  kaha
Muskurata rehta ho koi haal poochne wale kaha

This barren life has meagre moments of joy
But I often wear smiles since,”who will inquire my distress?”

Mujhe   jeetne   ki  adat nahi  bas  khwabzada ho
Kuch yaddon ka jumbish hai  tarsane wale  kaha

I often lose in games it’s just I live in dreams
It’s these memories that haunt me , “who is there to nudge me ?”
©//Aquib //


Glossary:azal- eternal
risaale- journals
pinhaan- hidden
wasl  e  haseen- beautiful meeting
Tishn  e   chasm  e  oos- tears of the longing eye
diljaan- beloved
marhale- stage
khwabzada- dreamy
jumbish- movements


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