She ( 3)

Each day I yearn to see her,
On the same platform where she left me.
I see her caricature exactly  
Below this lamp-post
Until the tangerine sunset
gets enveloped by the darkness of the night.

Like the relinquished king I still wave
Like how I bid her adios the last time.
Her  smuged memories
overpowering me at times
Have taken from me
the overwhelming toll.
Loneliness has embraced me.
I still remember standing  there until
The train vanished around the corner.

Her assortment of giggles and silliness
Stashed up meticulously in my mind
cannot be dispelled however I try.
She was the catharsis
for my frenzied mind.
Now, I cannot word the paranoia
I am in.
I adore the lamp-post and that
12310 train departing  at 19:30 daily.

One day for sure I will see her teeth,
Her “Samosa” like nose.
And pinch her for I wouldn’t believe my eyes
And inhale her fragrance
Exuding which is totally intoxicating.
One day, one day, one day.
©//Aquib //

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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