My window overlooks a crescent moon
There are stars shimmering and Twinkling,
I peep into the glory of these scintillation
A churlish child’s unfettered smile,
egged my eyes, it was me- a coltish child.

I swam again deeper into the alabastrine star,
flabbergasted by the nightingale’s welcome
Trees with outstretched hand hugging me,
“Oh! sweet son of Adam to thy earth thou returneth”
They kept murmuring, chanting with glee.

This realm where miracles stretch to the horizon,
Exuberant ‘n enamoured with no spite in the air,
Assuaged me; I dig deeper and deeper into the light,
To the land where rivers flow underneath
A glimpse that no eyes can fathom.

Rang the bell of the today with the stars
Shining to the glory in the impervious night
Mankind plated with gold and plasticine smile
Embedded in the chimeral facade and
Blowing pompous trumpet to the world.
I shall sleep for the night shall once again decay
into new day but with the light in my eyes.


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the unsung poet..

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