Tempus est dominus

Time travels like a time,
I cannot fathom,
what actually it is?
But it is like a circle
With the one center
And we all are

This long span of our togetherness
Trailing behind this time,
Passed in a jiffy.
I wanted to re-live that forever.
With your beady eyes
Looking at me – transfixed.
Your balmy breath
Your confused expressions:
I want to steal those.

Ah! But this strange
paradoxical paradigm!
Your hazy image- disintegrating
Time surely taught me the lesson.
It took away ‘you’ from ‘me’;
My only tranquility.

I count on my fingers each second
for one day I will meet you
And again shall we travail
this ocean of life together.
Sowing seeds, from them
Our enigmatic memories will born.

I will then collect all the sparkles
Of life in jars and will preserve them.
This time I have learnt my lesson
For the time surely is a teacher
And we are nothing but
The product of the time.


©Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

4 thoughts on “Tempus est dominus

  1. Wow, I loved this read my friend Aquib!! Only time can tell when the clock ticks but the hands connecting within the tempest of time….who knows? Love the line of when the two meeting each other, what a beautiful poem of coming together.🌹


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