Be like a periwinkle.

You see in every nook and corner the periwinkle that grows so subtly almost unnoticed and at times weeded out. The myriad of flowers ranging from blue, white and then pink bundled forming a nexus, a synergy channeling mirth in the spirit of life. The sashay of wind whispering to the ears of them tickle their laughing beans and they burst out in jocundness.
//The thing of beauty is joy forever//.

I wonder why they live life to their fullest and never adorned as the rose or the daisies or the hibiscus or tuberose. You will never see them in bouquets of flowers but they thrive in glee even though unnoticed.

//Be like a periwinkle//
Growing in the toughest of time the tides of heavy rainfall and thunder, the trample and flim flam don’t bother them. They just wear the precious jewellery that is the smile.
They cry too when they are uprooted and wilted as they are bullied by the scorns and spites and eventually die as unsung heroes.

But their unnerving spirit remains leaving behind the legacy to the world to take inspirations from.


Pic credit- Myself.

Copyright reserved.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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