Full moon night heralds
Masked men in black to dance
Under Autumn’s sky.

Tarot cards, jinxed doll,
Bargaining souls to attain
Pleasure of this world.

Impinge holes in brains
With cellophanic f a c e s
Nature’s arm destroyed.

Loud hee-haws Spirits,
Tumulting beats to conjure,
Sniffing orphic smoke.

Naked pseudo truth
Sortilege sacrifices.

Dying hundred deaths,
Oh! beastly human cut throat .
Thou shall have no part

In the hereafter
Ye become fuel to the fire
Will ye be still stones ?

Adamantine heart
Transform into bowing tree
Redemption remains.

Slyly my ink paints
Silhouettes turned into white
Winter gains vigour.

Fire burns in the fire
Lighten up shambles in grave
Wake up from the sleep.

Pic credit- wallpaper cave

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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