The love never dies.

I used to look into her eyes,
And kiss those beautiful eye lids,
And Clasped hands together tightly
We would witness the sun
glorifying us,
We would listen to the endearing
Zephyr singing ballads.
The cuckoo bird would welcome
us with beautiful symphonies.
I told her about good tales
That fairies did exist and elves did dance.
That dreams transformed into reality,
She believed in me word by word.
Our figments of conversation
Lies in the realm magnificent.
Ah! How beautiful is to live but not live,
But live in a world of Utopia,
Where love begets love only.
The sunkissed face of mine,
Telling my stardust stories
To the moon with tears in my eyes.
I sit alone with the caricature of my beloved.
Because the love never dies.

©Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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