Insight Publishing Site

Before I introduce to the site called ” Insight” I must tell you, I have been a blogger from the inception, I wasn’t into social media neither it excited me,

Nonetheless, i must tell if you haven’t seen the other side then you haven’t tasted the real cocaine or weed (whatever is more potent).

Till now You were fooling your mind and ultimately yoruself.
It is not the right escape the escape is when you remove your blinkers and see the world.
And eventually You gain nothing, ofcourse everyone grows and mature by themselves with the passage of time.

And I am pleased to announce we have amalgamated to create a place where words can only thrive and breathe and it’s a ship where you will get on-board for a sail to the world of realistic utopia.

We have many surprises onboard start by submitting your treasure and we will come with new and exciting challenges, so don’t wait and start submitting.

Submit your poems, short stories and fiction etc to us and participate in picture inspired POETRY every month.

Isn’t it cool ?

Support us and subscribe to INSIGHT.

Much love and peace on you.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

17 thoughts on “Insight Publishing Site

      1. That will be a bit challenging kyon ke filhaal to hum urdu transliteration se hi kaam chalaa rahe the. Kyon ke urdu ka shauq to hamesha se raha hai lekin likh nahin paate hain.

        I can give it a try. Lekin kyon ke aata nahin hai to zamaane lagenge ek hota sa post karne mein bhi

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I can understand, why not try English-urdu option Google keyboard. It works like a charm see.
        اسلام علیکم کیا ہال ہے بنتے بشیر جی۔ اور سب بڑھیا ؟


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