The Sun glimmered few
of it’s remaining light to me,
I hurriedly enveloped them,
For I used to lose them quite often.
But this time I had them pocketed
Well and safe, close to my heart. 

Few  light(s)  from the pasts
Are like zombie in the alleyway
Of the gyri and sulci of my mind.
Each photon I got hold of
Are dearer to me for they
Are the remnants of my time.

I watched my myself in the mirror
Illumined by the light, my face
Speaks words unknown to me.
Jitter jatter, pitter patter
As though talking gibberish to me
Or I don’t understand my own face.
//Quite a anomaly//

I had been collecting broken shards
Of broken mirrors that I broke
Every time I saw my face.
I had been collecting my letters
And words that wrote with my heart
everything I loved slipped from my hand.
Sun do sets and heralds darkness
To veil the light of my  only  sun,
But I hugged the blackness
I see myself clearly in the shadows
And in my eyes those stars twinkle,
//Stars of my  hopes//

Will you still hold my hand?
(You better not.)
Sleep by the morning with me
Unlikely! for I am not of this world.
I will still wait for the light of the morn.
And walk my path,
Singing the song that I wrote. .

©Copyright reserved

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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