I exchange memories with the waves,
They greet me as though he is my close friend,
Comforting, consoling me for the lost love.
Letting go of the things is like breaking
The mountain,
But I learn to meander the way out.

Nothing holds me close enough.
Sitting and seeing my reflection
Waving at me and vanishing away
With the current of water.
I have never felt the catharsis like this,
I splash the water on my face
To let water kiss down all my regrets
And all the “why(s)’, that was never answered.

Waves loves me like the catecholamines ,
And the zephyr holds onto my nerves,
Hypnotizing me into magnificent
Oblivious island.
An island where I run down the shore
Laughing in merriment.
And hugging my beloved waiting
With the arms wide open.
The world inside a beautiful bubble.
Nothing is true but fancy dreams
Evolving in the child like brain.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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