the requiem

I roll up your memories
In the parched parchment,
And stack those beautifully in racks,
Found in the beautiful lanes of my mind.
I made sure to sprinkle the fragrance,
‘Your’s all time favourite’.
I don’t even remember those intricate name.
Or do I need to?
I just want to feel your embrace,
That’s my most comfortable Adobe.

I loved your innumerous kisses,
And your enamored quarrels.
I still dance the way you taught me.
And your favourite velvety blanket,
You were so hot in a literal way.
Me who is sensitive to cold
Now Tunes the AC to 16°C,
Because the kind of vampire you were.
And wished you read my poems
That i wrote each day.
For all the fights and arguments.
Although silly,
Seeing your beady eyes
Filled with most pearlescent tears
jinxed me to forget all the grudges.
your visage setting in the sunset,
your mellifluous voices that still echo in my brain,
As though you are standing right beside me,
Calling with all the nick names you have for me.

I wish for once again you peekaboo me,
I wish you prank me with your silliness,
I wish you once again retort me back.
I wish you be the same Miss Annoying queen.
I count these wishes on the stars,
And see the moon smiling at me.
Singing me the requiem of love.


© Copyright reserved.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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