Congratulations to me 😝

Really I cannot fathom this time, how it rolled by. I have learnt a lot through the blogging community. There are great poets, writers here to whom I follow and read. It’s surely unlike any frivolous social media blogging is really a complete package for development of a skill. Thanks a lot every one whoContinue reading “Congratulations to me 😝”


On the auspicious wedding night She told him to sleep sound & tight Nay! not with her but with flimsy, Car, AC, cash and bright filigree. Till date the Couplets are told, “Oh Mir! your daughter is no more”. He only forgot to give the white shroud, A body laden with red Lehga was brought.Continue reading “THE BALLAD OF MIR’S DAUGHTER’s DEATH.”


My House that Was painted Blue and studded with glitters of gloom, Epitaphs Of lost love And few epiphanic scars Is christening me for the world I love every ounce of memories I thrive there for I write my poesy. ©Aquib. #etheree


My window overlooks a crescent moon There are stars shimmering and Twinkling, I peep into the glory of these scintillation A churlish child’s unfettered smile, egged my eyes, it was me- a coltish child. I swam again deeper into the alabastrine star, flabbergasted by the nightingale’s welcome Trees with outstretched hand hugging me, “Oh! sweetContinue reading “Light”

Urdu Nazm with recitation

Chale hum paimano ko chor char ke Nibhali hi bahut fehrishto ki batein Hum nahi hai woh jo tum smajh rahe ho Hum nahi hai lehron se behne wale. Kash tumhe bhi samjh aa jaye kuch nutfe Qaasid nahi aa rahe ab batane waste Falak tak toh main pachuch jao ga (Insha Allah) Awaz phirContinue reading “Urdu Nazm with recitation”