The day


The day I still remember,
You reaching me out,
I thought you liked me,
And you once said that.
I was totally wrong
And worse was that
I thought you of my kind.
You got me in the deluge
And sang blasphemous verses,
And in your elixir
masked, in it was your poisons,
Aimed at cursing contrive hearts.
And me,got bereaved of myself,
I did feel exploited and torn,
faced all the repurcussions.
You connived me into madness.

Dialogue of Dhanush from Movie Ranjhana.


After a wide gap it’s pleasing to publish and share some of my poetry to the kind readers. I was really losing the streak onto WordPress community until one of my readers approached and said the astonishing thing, *only happens once in a millennium* , “I miss your writing”, that was enough for me (owing to my over enthusiastic nature) to be on cloud nine, (is this the phrase?), I was on the verge of saying “I love you marry me”.

I was given the task of finding extra territorial life by Nasa, themselves. Isn’t that great?( If you are looking for a plot there on Mars, your boy has got connection, I am the plug you need to contact ), this daunting task kept me busy and there was no wifi on mars, that was really a take-off for me. Besides this in about just some ‘infinite‘ years it might be possible to have an en – route to Mars,*fasten your seat belts*.

The people overthere resemble us homosapiens but just look more red, more like different shades of red, and girls are hot, mind it they spit fire enough to roast someone, so there it’s opposite of what we see on the Earth, men there are the “deprived ones” most of the time. Will update you guys more after my next flight to Mars.

How can I forget about Axandra? That lovely, beautifully red hot lady, I would be honest here she liked me, and she was passionate about me*awkward smile*. We watched the movie “pk” together and mind it that movie is nothing close to what Martians are like, they definitely don’t roam about being completely naked.

There was a point where she approached to kiss me when we were about to leave she was burning in emotions, somehow i managed to save my lips, (I definitely don’t want to be lip less, and seeing my lips melt away is not a good trade-off for a red hot beautiful Martian lady’s kiss).


peace love and equality.

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By, Aquib.




Flying ridges lingering in the toroidal lanes,
Feeding morsels were zombies; pale,
Hand drenched in burgundy blood,
“Heads or tails”, but it always fail.




Epochs, aeons, periods;combined,
Axle, loops, circles circambulating,
Yang yin, past, future & kith and kin,
Dreaming stuck in loop, ‘tween.





Hiding patches of scars amidst,
Aminds course sand and off beat tracks,
Ears longing to hear a soulful voice,
Signing empty breaches of hearts; akin.





Lusty days of longing happiness,
Stars in my sky failed to shine,
Sun that remained in west.
Lost hopes in the closet, closed.




World reminded a perplexing cage,
Love reminded a frivolous well,
Swaying wind echoes all the tales,
Sung by drooped vertebrae & sacrilege.




Whining, charading and tattering
Arrows, filled the sky dry,
Soaked the lustre from within,
Left like a orphan with a cry.




Sung hymn that coalesce time and space,
Convalescing the prevailing grimy state,
Stop and bulwark in the ramparts,
Let the peace prevail.

©Copyright reserved 2018



– Aquib.

Unsolicited love (collaboration)

Love, is arguably a coin with two sides

Either serene or stormy, you get the choice

But true love, is a beautiful bliss

An enthralling world once you put forth into, you never want to leave.


A living paradox that bedazzle

the barbed heart into its realm

effusing their amazement.

Love defined as malignant.


But true love is undeniably beautiful, yet a journey so tough

Trust, faith, should be blind

You can be naive, you can be weak, for together you’re strong

Love is all you need to believe in.


Hearken to heart oh mincing soul,

A heart living, beating veracity,

Trust no parched souls who bled profanity,

Search horizon for silentious signs.

-Riya & Aquib.

Image does not belong to me.

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AestheticGraphy & !ns¡ght.

Was my utmost pleasure to write few verses with prolific writer, Riya. Follow her for more such sublime words.

Spectral Obfuscates

images (2)

Bewildered at peahen dancing in rain,
And while it’s mate lay barren on the land,
Topsy turvy world we made,
And the earth smiling ajar.


You see  tsunami   of    words,
Drowning sane-soothed minds,
Words and metaphors twisted,
With plasticity and  cellophane.
With   fictious     fallony,
Garbing  seen    realities,
And  those of the unseen
Interring   in  sassy cloth.


We wear the  earth to it shall we decay,
What  feeds shall not return to the Creator.
Save only the feeds of soul,
Hearken to shard reality.


Where the copious treason lie?
In the wild temp’st of thoughts,
Or infused in hues of blues
Or in  the shining dark realm
Or in the horizons of  wests.
Or in the pseudo dimensions.
Or  in the  voids of vacuum.
Or  lie in th blackn’ss of heart.


It’s the lie of the eye enamouring impiety
we create and dwell in spectre spectrum.
We see and  not see lies,
And lay  basking the beds.

Lost my MOJO lately facing “black out” these days. Wish you all the best.

Do not allow the EYE to fool the mind.


©copyright reserved  !ns¡ght.



Been witnessing dark cloud hovering over me from quite a long time.
I was disillusioned that what I saw were dark, product of darkness.
Hearsay lingered over that light existed but they were uncanny artificial light in the dork of night.
That kept blinding the eyes.
the remorse, the plight the pitying words, the sorrows
And their synonyms all lying as
Cheese cakes that melt in the mouth.
What for we lay awake in the dark
And asleep in the light?
Why then blame the stars?
And lie floundering in the
Sea of confusions.
Dear, the cage that bonds, the noose we stepped on.
The straight path we ignored.
And lay in pseudo light of ignorance.
Why then blame the shadow of darkness?

Images : don’t belong to me.

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This poem happened when I replied to my awesome fellow reader in a poetic way and that triggered the poetic replies and led into beautiful symphony.

And due to my unavailability and her priorities this poem got delayed for the good.

Please do follow her, her writing is really mesmerizing and subtly sublime.


This poem that I am sharing its an serendipidy sometimes things just happen.

And we added the remaining stanzas to complete it.


Let the afflatus of poetry flow.
Summon oh dear! , let your words flow, the tides are high and the ark ready to afloat.
Board the deck, join the crew.
I have stepped down already, on this ark
Not with this mortal flesh, but with my soul
Can’t you see me?
With all your wisdom, I witness
You aught to be the mariner Supreme ,
The Visage of the flag.
I summon your poetic you to rule and mesmerize .
I can see sparkles the shimmery shine
The shine is but the reflection
Of the glow of the sea
We wish not to conquer but to blend,
The waves and me
There are submissive laws,
That universes get governed with,
Don’t shed tears or lay beneath,
The sorrow and vexed huts,
Don’t be their secluded hermit.
Embrace the divine laws.
Submit to the divine inspiration.

My submission is clear,
To the laws and Faith in divinity.
Don’t ask me but,
To abandon sorrow.
For that which is a flaw of my flesh
Can’t diminish, can’t vanish
Sure the marks on sand of time,
Don’t wash away with the waves,
It exist in realm where
what exist is you.
There once you set yourself to the truth,
Your new garment embraces you
With new zeal and vigour.
And sets you free.
And sets me free.

Under the laws of divinity .

To yet again walk on those sands,

With the new ark whistling .

To yet again touch the waves

Anticipating the journey.

The ocean of possibilities,

The mighty tides of poetry.

©Copyright reserved.

By, Pramegha and Aquib.

the keleidoscope the electricity in brain, word them before they get lost.


Check it out guys. 👍👍

Novus Lectio

I’ve opened this shop a while ago. It is my first business wether online or not. I sell greeting cards, poem pictures, I make myself, they’re printable and original. I didn’t have time lately to add more designs, but I will soon.

The problem is that it isn’t working as I thought it would. I wonder why? Is it because we’re out of season?

I would like to advertise the shop somewhere else. Swimmers isn’t enough, It seems that people aren’t very interested in it. So I thought that perhaps some of you are willing to help me promote it. For instance in your blog, telling it to friends and family, on your twitter or FB, or at work, or at your local club….

Wherever you think people will listen to you.

For the time being, it is the only thing I can sell to earn some money. So every…

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Lost my smile

My star asundered,
That provided me the guiding light,
My hands trembled at this sight,
With Each swaps of puckered dreams.
I lost my own smile.


The anchor that harboured my sorrows,
The garment lay tattered that hid my scars,
In my banished land ;the thatched hut scavenged,
Tell me the reason, oh noble hearts!
That bring forth my smile.


The land, my kith and kin, my brothers,
The trees that stood on the lands,
Why lie battered lonesome?
Gone astrayed with the order grim.
How then I smile in the fire burning?


Tell me not of scathed love,
It’s long gone ;scavenged,
As time progressed during the day.
The hearts, oh human,
Be not leaching leeches.
I am the soul that wears nature,
Not made of plastic and cellophane.
But veritable elixir that absorbed taints
In exchange of the smiles.


Will not wait for new days,
Doth my eyes will not see,
As my heart progress the end of mine,
The pleasure I once conspired
Beguiled and was a supernova.
What left then was the nebula,
Lied in the bereft voids.
lost the charms and spells
With that smiles blew away.


Why then flak me to smile?
Sure it is lost with time,
My heart, hearken me dear!
Hath plunged into dried tears.
My stoic heart would remain earthed,
Reticent, un-deciphired.

Yearn no reason to cheer,
This world a cage of callous hospitality.
Where I found no reason to smile.

Images :phy. Org, nasa.

©Copyright reserved. !ns¡ght 2018.


Make India colourful again.


Make India colourful again, 

Where knowledge floats free,

Where beating hearts roam free.

Where nights are not dawned upon by fears..

But a sign for the sun shine to gleam.

Oh, God who hath created the terrain of  peninsula, the giant mountains pecked scrounging the winds of chills.

The Arabians and bays tilling the soil to nourishment along with soulful winds.

Oh! see, the dark mongers of humanity has relegated the core of Indianism and made us pickets of candle marchers and bearers of gases tearing the eyes and flushing away.

The epochs of colonism, where

Where hands saw no divide,

Where tears dropped the same lachmyral drops,

And beated hearts in unison, crimsoned in red

Ready to bleed with just beats and steps,

Drew away the white mongers

Who ensnared us in scathing slavery…

And freed us breathing the free…

Alas, the martyred soul, “don’t returneth to the land of thee”

It’s dwellers fight and drenched hands in greed.

The fickleness has produced a regressed mind.

The divide has wedged and eyes in sea of dreadful opulence.

Oh, Birds of golden era don’t resurrect for your eyes cannot image and ears cannot audit the cries of helpless in agony.

The aghastness in the shadow of dark affluent, dies each day relinquishing,

Where its children of morphed culture dies in the awe of conspired  modernisation,

Where the era of unlawful jingoism blanching the minds.

Make India colourful again,

Colouring the world

Walking  with beautiful minds ,

Treading the path of freedom fighters,

With Echoing  words of great leaders ..

Where women heads were held high,

Where culture rose to zenith flushing away the animalistic obscenity.

Oh God!  Make India colourful again.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017


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