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Swiftly walking through,

The alley of my lively childhood.

I wore that 
white anorak,

Of my smile,

As an apprel of my soul.

I then,  embarked on sledge,

Of youth,

with it’s might unknown.

Adorned with my 
white anorak,

Dazzling as a precious 
white stone.

But then the slippery ice-white as my smile,

but of pseudo incarnation; made situations

And led me on a path,

perilous  and unknown.

Then a light you yearned,

via Smile…


Tranquil aisle. 

​#insight #poem 

Elixirs that made me who i was;

of happiness, sadness and tides of lows and highs

of those tiny smiling moments 

bereaved moment; interred!

The drenching heart blacked out

From ill-taints and murky fog.

Those moments that brought gleeful tears

And of those that drenches heart. 

That brumal nights that quivered me 

From tip to toes. 

Seeing and standing at the precipice of life, 

Tenebrously relflecting the rays 

Rainbows; indigo, violet, orange and red, 

Ah! Those ‘VIBGYOR’! 

Alas! Formed at the terrain of the cheeks; swaying faraway!

Looking back hither – forth a gaping smile appeared

Seeing the dented heart,

Still beating the viscous blood

Violent and charred that turned blue.

Pitch dark were nights and burning days

Those winters full of frozen desires

Hazed in translucent misty fog

That barred cage that incarcerated me

Occulted me from the opulence

Standing now at faraway stupor

Greying pummelled by time supreme.

Things that looked bright and beautiful 

Love that never reciprocated 

That brother soujoured in cold, 

Friends that gleefully turned malevolent, 

Though smiling at them, those tiny caricatures! 

As the palpitating heart trembled, 

Petty microscopic belching caricature 

Seemed insignificant and meagre,

Seeing garden beneath that rivers run

Those that they see not

Washed away their ill propensities done .

I stayed all night,

‘now a sunny adieu to all’

‘clearing my life’s account that you had’

Then opened my eyes in the tranquil aisle.

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Wallowing seethe.


Azimuth  smile on her face
Bestowed blessings indisguise
Coveted from ages
Delving was my eyes.
Eerie eyes and that
Forged face was my delight.
Glowing  immaculate demure
Heightened was my shambles;
Iridescently piquant ween
Jagging my heart with lub-dub peens, 
Kneading me into a wrought, 
looping me in nested fraught, 

Mustering thoughts cob webbed in froth. 

Need conferring before it ebbed

Opening the fetter that I had sought

Picked my pen serenading my mourns
Quivering desires and  “tempus est ultor”!! 
Rampaging my rage
Standing now at my travailing state
Tailoring all my fussy tales
Ubiquitously sprinting was my frailing emotions
Vexing with infinite trials
Waxing- waning was my obdurate gaze
X-factor that I gathered lulled in vain
Your presence now waning in morbid uncoveted silence
Zip-zapped me in wallowing seethe.


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Path (unfinished) 


Deep into the clouds of horde, 

But Alone with everybody,  

I walked, searching for my aisle

In the darkness of the frivolity. 

I tread, 

To my path as I walk. 

As I walk with folks around

The faces I missed, that were masked. 

To its vanity I got ensnarled.  


I tread,

To my dears, I wrote words in my heart. 

I may end here but you should go on. 

‘What happened, happened! try to move on,

Nothing ‘s permanent here, carry on…’ 

I tread, 

To a place of unstinted abundance 

And a realm magnificent, 

I stretched my vision, 

For some clue and signs. 


I tread


The  shiny glittery way,  

A harbinger of fruitful tales. 

Confused and stepped in disdain, 

Until in it proved to be a murcuric murk. 


I tread, 


Moving, jolted by the stormy azimuth, 

Avoiding the pricking defiant thorns, 

Walking into its  dubious cloud. 

Perambulating into its wizened misery 


I tread 


Absorbing the rays for forlornly weathers 

On an embers of fierce straddle 

With the calm of reclusive hermit 

With a glowing halo charm and robed like a monk. 





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part 2. Monorhymes


Aquib Khan

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Monologue.  Part 1.(Story) 


I sat beside the bonfire.  

Feeling the warmth and tenderness. 

And the flames glowing valiantly. 

To my other side I saw none, 

I looked for the stake, but there was nothing. 

Absolutely dark and as my eyes were yearning and stretched to the horizon. 
An apparition appeared and sat beside me. 

And took my head as I reclined onto the shoulder. 

I slept beneath the dark clouds. 

And as I woke again, the flame got extinguished. 

The momentary warmed and stake seems  bygone. 

I saw it disappearing behind the cloak of darkness.


I looked above, and it said:

you are alone,

you are weak ,

you are vulnerable,  

you withered,

Alone! ;You got busy in lifting others up.

Weak!  : You shared your strength with others.

Vulnerable! ; you shared your secrets.   

Withered!  ;you inflicted other’s pain onto yourself. 


You have what other lack, honesty. 

You have what other requires, integrity! . 

You have excess what most of ’em  lack, kindness! . 

You have one special thing 

A living heart! . 

You cried in your loneliness, and did not reveal. 

You made prayers for other, and did not reveal. 

You gave money but never yearned for return. 

You did everything possible, for no exchange.


Now sleep, my son, you are tired.. 

That apparition was your friend, 

To comfort your soul.. 

Your time has come to depart… 

You must set  free yourself. 

You, my son 

This world looks like a prison. 


For those who Reflect and believe. 

Glad tiding onto you  my son.  

For your free. 

 your free.. 

your free .. 

(Part 2. Flame gets rekindled………………….) 



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With the sweet words

And the smile on the face

Accolades for everyone

Withering each day,

From the dusk to dawn

Hearing the bursting of cloud

With the flash of thunderstorm

Waiting each day for the rain

To the sweet face, drenching it wet

Seeing their gates wide open

Smiling each day, for the drops to come.



Standing at the station

Watching the train stops.

Yearning for my dear to appear.

With all the whistling vanishing

the platform gets clear.


Walking like an agitated stoic soul

To the jungle of beast kinship

Getting weak by its dementor

Until, a glowing  sweet soul,

With eyes wide glancing,.

Like an apparition so high but so nigh

Calling to the awaited fane..

Giving me the cup free of frivolity

Free of all ill taint.

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Aquib Khan

here I am. 

the story (poem Part1). 
betrayal song. 

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Beast poem

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Circles of dirt and pollution around,

Silhouetted by filthiness of comrades around,

Each is sitting in there,  devouring pan cakes,

A cake stuffed with bladder worms.

Their seems myriad of gobbled head,

Humping like  Eichornia in the marshes,

And spreading the coats of miniature,

Unseen sticky leeches sucking their soul.

And swarps of beetles and musca

Sticking around, smell so pungent,

That even  sulphide of hydrogens

Shaming under the garb of the mind.

Appearing, as it’s   the reflection, the lights seems aghast,.

Alas, These feral’s blathering dissonant blabber, mocks and shrewdness , got deluge in their own schemes,
Their words of bereaving souls infested themselves with their own frenzied paranoia,


And  the beast lies, littering and casting and blowing the aurora of black tars, is still residing.

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Cast away,  this,

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path ii

path unfinished 

Aquib Khan.


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Treading the path

Glee,jolly along with its fire

But stumbled across

Deluged wall, a demean

An oasis of hope.

Dessicating the elixers,

With each mighty approach.


Floundering in the flood of dismay,

A caricature  demure,

Pushing towards the sanity

Deputising , soothing , harmonizing.

Became the ‘driving force.’


Alas , vaporizing each day

Unable to solve the mind’s equation

Felled into the trench of frivolity

Vapour vanished ultimately.



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A dried solitary leaf. (Poem) 

Time and again it reminded, 

When it was the bud, 

Belonging to the twig of its colony. 

 Flurrying  to its glory,  

Growing to its full laminar stage,

With all its stipulary stagnate, 

All the shines it absorbed, 

and burn itself to produce the chimes,

To the world of callous mortals.  

Eating, enjoying and merry making, 

Forgot to give its ‘ customary mandate’ , 

To the leaf jarring from the twig

 Tis now a solitary leaf falling from the twig, 

Trampled by everyone’s feet...


  It reminded,  the once glory 

A Lush green sparkling story 

Where fruits of life grows 

Thud thudding the evergreen floor, 

And our children looked and aimed, 

With the catapult’s stones. 

Now withered to Grey, 

As the tears falling away it felled,  

Covered the grass with the blood 

Crimsoned in scarlet red. 

Yes, the leaf, without its rumbling, 

Waiting for the apologies

Lies lifeless without the eulogies. 

  yes!!, It’s a  solitary leaf falling from the twig 

Trampled by everyone’s feet…  


Never have I  given a thought, 

Does my life like it’s similitude? 

Where once I started afresh 

Felt all the warmth and love 

Now,   I got  jolted by  calumny affairs, 

Removed from the umbilicus pool, 

Trampled by everyone’s feet 

As I lost my own instinct.

As a dried fallen solitary leaf,

Fallen from a twig, 

Trampled by everyone’s feet… 

(I wish to continue it.)

I hope you like…. My dear readers. 

©Copyright reserved 2017


Aquib. Keep smiling.

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The path ii

Things said and done 

We are not together, not one

My path is different from common ones

Dulcet scribbles in a cascade’s shun, 

Had to digest, else, can cause constipation. 

Words facades in your intuition 

’cause your living in a  glitzy mansion, 

That fetters your trepidation 

And cause you to slip in your hullicination. 

Remember a contumacious rejection 

Will cause the harm of the salvation. 

Don’t flounder in a flood of confusion. 

The signs for the path is casting till horizon, 

Don’t ignore and be in transgressing unison. 

Things said and done 

Are we still together or one? 

Aquib Khan

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