words I have….. 

words I have to say lurking in the greyest matter of the brain.

To be me is the toughest task I take.

For the people it may seem wary, but I hide through my smile a longing unfathomable to be deciphered.

To my lonely self I speak for he is complaining to myself to complement himself through me.

Sure time ticks making present as moments and as it goes it devours each cell to senescence.

A withering nature of human reminds us each day can be the last, each micro second can be the last one.

People appear and disappear like fruits growing and it fall away.

A need,  a sense of belonging is infinitesimally small if its equated with time.

Thrown away books smile in the tears and as silver fishes turn it into dust, each says ‘ just for one bad chapter you had thrown me away’.

Your nature as stubborn and ignoble it can be lastly it breaks your spinal of your identity.

A word I have to say lurking in the greyest  matter of the brain. 


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Aquib khan..

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Happy independence day. (Random thoughts here about issues here.) and a poem. 

(Rape culture, women objectification, a poem by Rabin nath tagore, noble price winner). 

I have not been sleeping well for about two nights, and I know my sister is mad at me, she knows me well and can comprehend it well. 

I am like that only, I cannot withstand something that is wrong and bad that can incur something worse,in general. 
Rape issue, female objectification , rape culture, pornography (erotica, sensual post, about one night stand post etc even alcoholism ). I was just reading some post on love, before publishing my post titled true love, believe me most of them were lustful and sensual garbing pornography (I just looked at the people who liked it, that’s it)  .

My mind was shaking, I cannot absorb it, I felt like vomiting this. 

The nirbhya kand made the world news  and everybody mind was trembled about  ‘how can this happen?’ . She was raped a fatal, brutal rape, and eventually she died, may she rest in peace. If you could see the news on you tube, I can garuntee your soul would cry. And your blood would boil after hearing the interview of the rapist. You would burn him alive. 

 Delhi was among the top 10 in the stats in number of rapes that took place. It’s the hideous crime that blotting this state, I think Madhaya pradesh was number one in reported rape cases.

In general the mindset of the rapist assuages and belittle this by blaming the girl, this is horrendous, whether a girl is walking nude you are Not allowed even to touch her not even to look at her with lustful eyes. For the hooligans filled  with lust, filth and molestation beware there are people (men and women both) to  dismember Satan like them. 

One more thing that criminal’s psychologist said that  the rape culprit said that they  were triggered by pornography and erotica and sensuality.. 

Belittlement escape, that is reducing the magnitude of something by escape routes. For eg, On the positive side how a doctor uses escape route not to panic his patients about diseases, 

Like calling pornography,  erotica as art, garbing  lust as love.  

It starts with this

Disguising lust in the garb of love, whether you are couple or not , this is a rapist mindset.

There are pancakes of rapist culture being publicised they are deadly and dangerous virus that are  infectious, I already have written about this.  This is very dangerous. 

Extinguish the spark  before it catches fire. 

Some bimbos (females) too are all “awww”  to this pornographical write ups(erotica, sensuality etc)  remember  a drop fills the ocean with water. This is all indirectly promoting rape culture, will you want to be the part of this? Ofcourse not. 

Control it man, stop all this before it’s too late. The repercussions can be terroristic, extinguish it. Disguising under the garb, belittling the magnitude to fool the masses,this is in disguised escape routes. The unveiled faces of it would have the same beast, same virus in the pancake. Mixing lust with love, blaming girls for the rape, calling porngraphy (erotica sensuality etc,)  art, (why is it not incorporated in our  curriculum? , it’s just by default wrong, there are ways that the framework has included to educate them. Right!!! Stop, protest before it spread, lest it would be too late.!!! 

I mean get to the roots and the core where it starts and antidote them or cut their roots. Before it grows. 

Hope, you can see a step further, and see the boundaries of all of this you know and do not that be the part of it. 

I hope I conveyed this well, and thank you for understanding me. 

I hope you are having an amazing, although I am not having a not so amazing day. 

Azaadi Diwas Ki Bhdhayaan. Mere taraf se. Panatange Aarou and Kai po che. 



True love…  (poem) 

Telling you an awesome tale,

Of a boy who lives and search his bays.

happiness he spread with no hatred. 

And spent his days with his chosen  friends, 

Smiling and sharing gleeful  tales. 

He grew up with principles and fables, learnt. 

And met and made new friends with group of boys and girls. 

One such among took his heart, 

And he fell for her, as if he got ensnarled. 

He helped and glued with her,

But his Adhesive were so pale.

An another boy took his love

So far in stinted fane,

She did not realise, and followed,

For the boy looked in aghast shallow.

He spent days and nights sinking in the thoughts,

For actually,  what went wrong!

The relinquishing remarks he made,

This wasn’t his love, and it’s a mistake. ..

He went forth treading his paths

Becoming what he desires,

And engrossing the thing he admire,.

He sat one day, and thought for his love.

Tears formed in his eyes and dried

As his comrades can infer.

All his days passed like a unquenchable thirst…

‘All I did,  was only for her return..

A piece of my heart is still with her..

Alas, my remorse can never discern.’

He grew and grew and grew old.

His might and strength and body senescenced,
A parchment paper appears and says,

‘The love you craved has died,

The girl once you  loved, has realised’

For her hearts beated for him,

Craving to returned to her  vortex

But alas! everything were too late.

His thirst quenched with the ink,

As it disappears with the tears in every winks.

And closed his eyes with a smile

And saw his love talking to him, again

Taking him to the  magnificent realm of sane.

Aquib khan .

Just an extra pic. 

Read a similar poem A Love Story(poem)

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The Cliff. 

​#poem #insight. 

Looked far away from where I was standing among the crowds, see a giant cliff and wore a shroud.

Moved ahead in the gloomy nights all alone, watching dogs barking, shrieking noises of the dragon flies. 

Walked and walked as the sun shines and crowds moved in quagmire of life. 

I saw drooped vertebrae longing for sons and daughters with faces looking above and counting their days. 

I saw grown-up of zygotes bewildering their roots of once umblicused soul with their mouth. 

I saw evil faces, shining the dark radiance, and joining their fane. 

I walked alone among the friends, once I stood for their antsy minds, now refused to remain. 

I continued walking over and over, and saw until my eyes didn’t take. 

I sat beneath the oak tree, and lacmyral drops the Brine from the sclera  of the mind. 

I did not want to tell my friends but my mind cannot hold the burden of the mortal mights.

The time still ticks in the dead dials and I moved, ’cause I don’t have time. 

I moved and moved through the flim flam and glitzy walls, through the trampling and through the pickets of wars, through relegated soul and through the materialistic ensnared soul. 

Let me move, for beloved stood there watching me blanched and sulled in the horrors of the world with a insidious smile, I moved for they don’t know the line, for they sundered the ratification made. 

Let me move away from your humanoid  feral and beasts, for them reprisals await. 

Let me move, let move I am near the cliff ‘s jag, I took a step watching behind and left all my stakes, I saw with my close gardens of rivers flowing beneath, I smile as I vanish away. 

Aquib khan
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The Sky 

#poem #efforts

Source: Sky


check this out, friend of mine has published this poetry.

(A collaborative effort, I offered my help and she was kind enough. You are too kind and generous really. )


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New Delhi ‘s random clicks 


In this cloud there is a giant birds, she is approaching her kids to feed them, kids are like, ‘mama give me’ .

It’s lung over there saying ‘no smoking ‘

Sun is telling moon, “brother go, dont peek or encroach any body’s privacy, now , you are time is over, it’s my turn”

Eyes in the sky.

The one sitting is like” I am ready for this photo shoot”, the other “I need to examine this thing.”

Driver’s window (GRAMIN SEVA)

Our Bambi(funny blog)

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One year you, WordPress  and me(An urdu poem here). 

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A ghazal (an urdu poem) for you

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Circles of dirt and pollution around,

Silhouetted by filthiness of comrades around, 

Each is sitting in there,  devouring pan cakes, 

A cake stuffed with bladder worms.

Their seems myriad of gobbled head, 

Humping like  Eichornia in the marshes, 

And spreading the coats of miniature,

Unseen sticky leeches sucking their soul. 

And swarps of beetles and musca 

Sticking around, smell so pungent, 

That even  sulphide of hydrogens

Shaming under the garb of the mind. 

Appearing, as it’s   the reflection, the lights seems aghast,. 

Because the beast lies, littering and casting and blowing the aurora of black tars, is still residing. 

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Cast away,  this,

Recent post 

path ii

path unfinished 

Aquib Khan. 

By Harivansh rai Bachchan, Dost. (friends). Hindi poem   

*Harivansh Rai Bachhan’s poem on FRIENDSHIP :*

Dedicated to all my friends,  of course including you as a reader .  

Keep smiling, 


….मै यादों का

    किस्सा खोलूँ तो,

    कुछ दोस्त बहुत

    याद आते हैं….
…मै गुजरे पल को सोचूँ 

   तो, कुछ दोस्त 

   बहुत याद आते हैं….


_…अब जाने कौन सी नगरी में,_

_…आबाद हैं जाकर मुद्दत से….😔_
….मै देर रात तक जागूँ तो ,

    कुछ दोस्त 

    बहुत याद आते हैं….
….कुछ बातें थीं फूलों जैसी,

….कुछ लहजे खुशबू जैसे थे,

….मै शहर-ए-चमन में टहलूँ तो,

….कुछ दोस्त बहुत याद आते हैं.
_…सबकी जिंदगी बदल गयी,_

_…एक नए सिरे में ढल गयी,_😔
_…किसी को नौकरी से फुरसत नही…_

_…किसी को दोस्तों की जरुरत नही…._😔
_…सारे यार गुम हो गये हैं…_

….”तू” से “तुम” और “आप” हो गये है….
….मै गुजरे पल को सोचूँ 

    तो, कुछ दोस्त बहुत याद आते हैं….
_…धीरे धीरे उम्र कट जाती है…_

_…जीवन यादों की पुस्तक बन जाती है,_😔

_…कभी किसी की याद बहुत तड़पाती है…_

  _और कभी यादों के सहारे ज़िन्दगी कट जाती है …_😔
….किनारो पे सागर के खजाने नहीं आते, 

….फिर जीवन में दोस्त पुराने नहीं आते…
_….जी लो इन पलों को हस के दोस्त,_😁

    _फिर लौट के दोस्ती के जमाने नहीं आते …._
*….हरिवंशराय बच्चन* 

*Harivansh Rai Bachhan’s poem on FRIENDSHIP :*

….mai yaadon ka

    kissa kholoon to,

    kuchh dost bahut

    yaad aate hain….
…mai gujare pal ko sochoon 

   to, kuchh dost 

   bahut yaad aate hain….


_…ab jaane kaun see nagaree mein,_

_…aabaad hain jaakar muddat se….😔_
….mai der raat tak jaagoon to ,

    kuchh dost 

    bahut yaad aate hain….
….kuchh baaten theen phoolon jaisee,

….kuchh lahaje khushaboo jaise the,

….mai shahar-e-chaman mein tahaloon to,

….kuchh dost bahut yaad aate hain.
_…sabakee jindagee badal gayee,_

_…ek nae sire mein dhal gayee,_😔
_…kisee ko naukaree se phurasat nahee…_

_…kisee ko doston kee jarurat nahee…._😔
_…saare yaar gum ho gaye hain…_

….”too” se “tum” aur “aap” ho gaye hai….
….mai gujare pal ko sochoon 

    to, kuchh dost bahut yaad aate hain….
_…dheere dheere umr kat jaatee hai…_

_…jeevan yaadon kee pustak ban jaatee hai,_😔

_…kabhee kisee kee yaad bahut tadapaatee hai…_

  _aur kabhee yaadon ke sahaare zindagee kat jaatee hai …_😔
….kinaaro pe saagar ke khajaane nahin aate, 

….phir jeevan mein dost puraane nahin aate…
_….jee lo in palon ko has ke dost,_😁

    _phir laut ke dostee ke jamaane nahin aate …._

(one of my favorite poets) 

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The path ii

Things said and done 

We are not together, not one

My path is different from common ones

Dulcet scribbles in a cascade’s shun, 

Had to digest, else, can cause constipation. 

Words facades in your intuition 

’cause your living in a  glitzy mansion, 

That fetters your trepidation 

And cause you to slip in your hullicination. 

Remember a contumacious rejection 

Will cause the harm of the salvation. 

Don’t flounder in a flood of confusion. 

The signs for the path is casting till horizon, 

Don’t ignore and be in transgressing unison. 

Things said and done 

Are we still together or one? 

(I really like the flash series)

Keep smiling

Aquib Khan

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