Echos in the ripples of the consigning wave.

Kept calling your name with fortitude.

Marvelling at your shadowed sight.



You felled down,

bowed like hypocrites.

And then expected

a return to show that face.

You poured down

of what you were feeded,

You remained in the

boxes that were given.



Things aren’t fair or just

All are painted with same color,

Rights are wrongs and wrongs are rights.

When the one shouts for rights

there is no unison,

All bathing in the same blood..

When the distinction of zero and one

are faded with concoction, then,

following shall be Dire destructions.



The wrongs bellied in bogged assuages,

There shall be then no return,

When then thy fall

in the pit of conflagration,

Ignorant and blinded by qualm lights.

Ye! Well then be a zombie?

Eventually crying out with contrite heart.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght


Urdu Poetry… Falsafa

Tanhai se rishta apna hain purana
Aaj Phir, aye dosto!, usne hain pukara,
Jane kis muqa me aagya, Aye Zindagi!!!
Tune mujhe hian kaha le aaye khara.
Jis raste chala bas chalta raha
Faqad ranjish ke kuch na Mila,
Aye mehboob! Parinda sa Mujhe samajh.
Jiska koi theekana nahi,
Aaj Maine hain jana….
Socha nahi tha waqt ka shikaar main bhi banoga,
Bus has ke nibhata rha dastaan-e-bebaha
Socha nahi tha khushi laut jaygi
Bas maanliya yahi falsafa hamara.
Kehna toh bahut kuch tha
pas Bata de koi Zindagi Ka Pata
Khat likh rakhe the bahut uske naam,
Bas Saansein tham jaye, issi ka intezaar hian
Shayad mulaqaat ho jaye

(it was in my draft unnoticed for 6 months.. 😂😂.. Publishing it for the first time… Hope it’s good 🙏🙏🙏🙏)

And translation to English is very difficult,

it’s a group of couplet or shair(s)…



Lost ‘me’

Fiery eyed, passion and raging blood.

Since when I lost myself in the dunes of smudgy cruxes.

Oh, see the time’s tyranny, Ahaa!! , trampling me to extreme.

Robbed time to solve the jig saw of typifying broken-mirror,

In each I saw a forlorn me.

My institutions,

Tirading, jolting, giving me the electrifying shock.

                    Conspicuous web of dilemma hovering me,

The love,  the anchor is weak withering me,

Turning me to a vacuous vegabound,

The gossamer of me shaking.

Me,  bereft of ‘me’.

Comeback ‘me’!! …

Oh God of universe!  return me the ‘me’  that I meant to be with.

Entwining,   eventually with the ‘lost me’.



©Copyright reserved 2017




Sheen (A collaboration)

A collaborative work with Pragya.

I am profoundly grateful for her kindness and humbleness for collaborating with me, she is an archetype of positivity she trails behind .

Her ardent readers know her very well for her welcoming and sweet nature she naturally carries. (Just beware of creeps, lol).

Her works stand out for her brilliance, her epic style of thinking and writing foremost her keen interest as a seeker of spectral knowledge makes her what she is know as the

“Pearlpoetess “.

Pragya, pearl poetries.



As black as the charcoal,
Tantamount to shimmery calmness,
These when given perchance
Smothered to give the belligerent eminence.


Our reveries
Burnt down to numb, frowned ashes.
Contemplated musings
Rise up as rusted-red, glittery yellow flames.


This black beauty
Espoused many dignitaries.
Ardent zeal for the fuel
Caused ordeal of disharmony.


We burn
Underneath the canopy of worldly
Conventions, lacklustre rejections.


The nature cries at their,
Shambling incense,
Burning their morals and conscience
Their lustre succumbing to ashes.


Brittle scowls, porous screams go unheard
Until hollow darkness swallows
our dead wishes’ remains.
Until our souls turn to cold, dark charcoal.


The odyssey of life,
We ace the superficiality
But lies in the heart of charcoal .
The priceless, that was,
moulding and transforming
Throughout these ages.


Now we shimmer,
Sublime, crystal dead souls with no hues.
Voiceless voids in grief-stricken bodies


Underneath the canopy of worldly
Conventions, glamorous exceptions .
Choked, tangled perceptions
Enclosed in scarlet, black just coffins
Marked by desires, lust and greed.
We shimmer,
In the name of diamonds.


The diamond from the
Amorphous carbon,
Voicing the enigmatic tale,
Pellucid human being,
behind the glitzy wall
Pervicacious, furiously
tasting this insatiate greed.


Among these, it wasn’t the carbon
But equivocally, human bleed.

©Pearlpoetries and !ns¡ght

By Pragya and Aquib.

Logo : Nandita



Things are not as they seem dear,
It’s apparently magnificent but it’s all pseudo.
You cry for loses each day and shed tears
In the oblivious night you remained silently awake ,
For the reason untamely tepid.



These flummoxing flap to glide across,
Realm after realm, stars after stars,
But again it’s pseudo my dear…
Didn’t you see the cage around?
These glitzy wall, chandeliers and
Candle lights…
Flash lights and neon signs blinding thy eyes?



There shall be remorse and catanonic plights,
Vituperation and consigning ramparts.,
Will mellow down the fire and flame,
With all that you started will crumble back to its initial state.



I can’t smile at your pseudo business affairs,
And see you floundering in the sea of pseudo opulence,
Among all mirrors that showed your mights,
But you missed your own reflexion yourself, my dear! .



The truth you missed and ignored,
Was the one that will set you free,
I can only, but say,
My lines here die in fondue of immortality,
I neither have penies nor stardust,
I left these words and few sentences,
Hither and thither.



If you get out of your pseudo palace,
These permuting surrounding will shout at you.
And make you deaf until you crumble in the sporic wall …
Until you mould and transform.
And shed the wall and transform
Into vivid shiny butterfly..


Tried a Haiku… For you..

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght



Love #3. Apparition. 

Oh dear glad you found me,

Was shackled by the shadowy beasts,

In those aeons of trials ‘n tribulations

I interred in a cascade  bartered,

Surely your hands so feebly strong,

That it hold be right.


Oh dear dont be crazy at me,

I looked upon your silhouette,

As you walked passed by.

Since the time I saw you,

I never knew,

You were by my side.

Dear, remember the laughter we  share

Over the silly cup of tea,

I was really a caffeine addict,

Therefore I always stole

half the apart of yours.

It was really  silly of me.


Love we shared was so delicately strong,

Your perky tears that my hand soaked

I won’t let it fall,  my dear! ,

I once told if that appears again,

‘Gandhi ji would start a march there.’


Your desires and demands

Were like your books,

Your smile and demure I admired the most.

Sometimes your beady eyes sparkled

The joy and bliss channelising in ‘tween.


And across the road we stand

Amidst  the heavy traffic in ‘tween

Waiting for the clear signs. 

Only to see the apparition,

In the stillness of slowing silence

Where once you stood,

Waving your hand.

Repost. .
Images : Google image search.

©Copyright reserved 2018!ns¡ght




Deep in the treasure of yester days,

Lies mysteries embedded in the memories of forgotten tales.

That past heralding the echoes in ear,

Reminding those of declining days.

Time that bore forsaken fruit,

Thundered in the heavenly canopy,

The roads where mind roam freely

Reminding me it’s only a fallacy.

At Nights watching that firefly.

Brothers that only smiled,
love that starlit stardust had

Reminding me, its the oblivion that I had.

Those fairy tales that echoed;

Of tales where the love wins;

Of the truthful that never would be deceived,

Reminding of the relics fancied.

Running racing with the wind

That breeze shushed, sashaying the hint

To fervor frantically wedging it’s girth

Falling facing the divine prisma

Reminding me it’s lost under the sham stigma

Moulding as the tectonic plates shifts.

Sailing around the sun,

With time that all started

Will be sundered at the dead end,

Reminding of the Hour that belittlingly belied.


!ns¡ght 2017

Copyright reserved 2018.

Repost *

(would be posting new poems/prose in a while , God willing, pardon me now. 🤗🤗) .


Logo credit : Poetic periscope.

Image credit: Google.



Line of control for media!!

A very meaningful and very logically explained by Tanir highlighting significant points relating to the blasphemy and PRESTITUDE media, I must say not all but some are like so evident. please do read.

Beauty lies within yourself

Media a very powerful tool and a sword arm for a democratic country. Media acts as a watchdog which provides the information to the public and works for the welfare of the country. They are full responsible for their act since they provide information on national basis and any error can lead to severe consequences.

Undoubtedly, media have helped in creating awareness among people and have helped in understanding the surroundings. It not only strengthens the society but also helps in shaping the public opinion.

Without mass communication we cannot imagine the life. However, the question arises ”how well media are playing their role?” Is there any line of control to what extent they can interfere in obtaining the information and how well they picturise to the society. I don’t want to compare the media with the media of other countries or else our society will completely lose the trust…

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In Syria!!

This is happening for the long time. Like I don’t watch India media because all they show is bullshit inspired by rat race of trp and fakeness. While the truth is so evident and ebbing fervently. In the world where the rulers are concealing truth and fooling masses. And subliminally mind washing youth through entertainment media. #wakeup #read.
Realize the Real God. That’s the main agenda of them to fake enlightenment under the garb of money.. But it’s not too late… It’s evident on their forehead. We must see it.
Please, do read this.


In Syria, cruelty is tarnishing and humanity is ashamed of its literal implications, the silent humanism of the world is giving humanity an opportunity to be blooded, subjects such as country / caste / religion always become secondary to humanity, have become secondary There are also, but all humanist organizations in Syria seem to be carrying an unconscious state while acquiring a silent state, from the twitterIn the painted pictures, the children who were killed by childlessness were not obstructed in the path of any power / power; the death of such infidel children as accepting divine form while acquiring power due to such a devastating killer ruler global silence Doing / doing, dealing with the inhuman people, this dishonesty is disgusting and condemnable, please raise human voice against each level on this issue.Try to protect, every obscure child in the world is entitled to live her life…

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