Utopic love

Spring brings petrichor tales Of enigmatic love of the pasts Embedded in the ballads. Oh, I sing your love to every Passer-by and in folks. And to dandelions ànd periwinkles Dancing on the roads. The winds sashay symphonies, Oh! Ye who hear there are tune Hearken as they speak of mirth The yester day whichContinue reading “Utopic love”


My House that Was painted Blue and studded with glitters of gloom, Epitaphs Of lost love And few epiphanic scars Is christening me for the world I love every ounce of memories I thrive there for I write my poesy. ©Aquib. #etheree


My window overlooks a crescent moon There are stars shimmering and Twinkling, I peep into the glory of these scintillation A churlish child’s unfettered smile, egged my eyes, it was me- a coltish child. I swam again deeper into the alabastrine star, flabbergasted by the nightingale’s welcome Trees with outstretched hand hugging me, “Oh! sweetContinue reading “Light”

Urdu Nazm with recitation

Chale hum paimano ko chor char ke Nibhali hi bahut fehrishto ki batein Hum nahi hai woh jo tum smajh rahe ho Hum nahi hai lehron se behne wale. Kash tumhe bhi samjh aa jaye kuch nutfe Qaasid nahi aa rahe ab batane waste Falak tak toh main pachuch jao ga (Insha Allah) Awaz phirContinue reading “Urdu Nazm with recitation”


Life progress ahead Mauve sheets dribble hues of blues Stories get unfold. She brings bright gospels Her fingers sparkle glitters Spring trailing behind. Love died when she died, She grew flowers and branches, Preyed upon by some foes. Sun shines but doesn’t smile, His moon eclipsed forever Sky shatters on ground. ©Aquib