I am blue

There is this room that is painted blue, And there are bloodstains on the walls, I have been to a lot these days. The marble tiles are withering slowly too, But the color of the wall ain’t. It’s as fresh as the fruits. The painter had took all the pains To mix everything to embossContinue reading “I am blue”

She ( 3)

Each day I yearn to see her,On the same platform where she left me.I see her caricature exactly  Below this lamp-postUntil the tangerine sunsetgets enveloped by the darkness of the night. Like the relinquished king I still waveLike how I bid her adios the last time.Her  smuged memoriesoverpowering me at timesHave taken from methe overwhelmingContinue reading “She ( 3)”

Urdu Ghazal- Aquib Khan

Teri   munafiqat     ke   qisse   sunaoga, Kaise   Teri    roshni    ek   zehar   Hain . Teri  lafz  me  muasiqi  ki  dhong hain, Tere   nachne  wale   sirf   hajar   Hain. Teri aziyat h….tu  ab  sir pair   maregi Har  waqt  har  lamha  na  guzar  hain. Teri hi  lafz  tujhe  hi Continue reading “Urdu Ghazal- Aquib Khan”

YouTube Vanced: Play videos ad’ free

YouTube ads are pretty annoying and waste of time and ruins the viewing experience. So here is the modified version of the app. You can further read about this on the Xda forum Youtube vanced.\ Pre requisites are Sai App (Click to download from play store). MicroG Youtube vanced app. Common sense and patience. Procedure:Continue reading “YouTube Vanced: Play videos ad’ free”