Urdu Poetry… Falsafa

Tanhai se rishta apna hain purana Aaj Phir, aye dosto!, usne hain pukara, Jane kis muqa me aagya, Aye Zindagi!!! Tune mujhe hian kaha le aaye khara. Jis raste chala bas chalta raha Faqad ranjish ke kuch na Mila, Aye mehboob! Parinda sa Mujhe samajh. Jiska koi theekana nahi, Aaj Maine hain jana…. Socha nahiContinue reading “Urdu Poetry… Falsafa”

Silver linings.(A collaboration).

Yet another collaboration : I would like to express my gratitude to soiba, whose verses are subtly sublime, pure and strike the strings of heart. Foremost a wonderful person, May God bless her with esteemed bounty from His magnificent treasures. Make sure to follow this blessed person who is very kind and sweet, because sheContinue reading “Silver linings.(A collaboration).”

My favourite android apps that I use daily.

I love Android ecosystem not because I hate ios platform but because of its openness, and Google constantly release all the codes to public for developers to outsource to build custom roms, custom kernels make their own tweaks etc.. So yeah apps that I use. For music I use music app from 1.Sony.. (it mightContinue reading “My favourite android apps that I use daily.”