#poem #life Why are not smiling” my friend It’s hilarious and it meant to be. I smile backed, are you happy to see? I have not seen you smiling in ages. Where have you been lost? Where is the instinct that had lost? I said my friends, “well you see me not”. You see meContinue reading “Friends. “

The last ride…magical bus ride…really…

Bus journey  there was boy named Atif. He used to wake up in the morning ie during dawn performed his Salaah and got ready for his school. He was 14 was actually in the 10 standard or grade.  The bus for his school arrived took him to school and back to the home in theContinue reading “The last ride…magical bus ride…really…”

Redemption#life #poem

#motivation lift yourself Life is really an interesting dilemma(s). It so inexpressible. You know what although we have freedom .. But do we feel free ?or caged in worldy dilemma? Think about this for a while, while I just pause……..keep thinking it’s so important. The first and foremost thing is, are we honest enough toContinue reading “Redemption#life #poem”

#Life instinct#Marriage#Muslim

#blogoftheday… I just attended and everbody was invited to a marriage ceromony commonly called as Nikaah in Muslim community and was held in Masjid(not so common nowadays). I thought I should write it as a blog and share the cool experiance I had. To be honest the marriage or so called the marriage ceremony lastedContinue reading “#Life instinct#Marriage#Muslim”