Entangled miseries she hides beneath her skin,
Swinging on ephemeral swings on trees,
with wisdom clasped beneath her molars,
She sings ballads in her words.

The riverine broke out from the head,
Pouring inundating the valley of elves,
And in an odyssey of finding love,
She found interrred self in the forest.

Happily she flaunts her teeth
To each passers by and commoners.
Embrace each morsels with zest.
Feasting on meagre mirth
Living life even on the precipice
Of the cliff where water gushes.


Copyright reserved.

I wander. .

I always wander in the alleyways of my mind,
To observe things and the smiles
though being pummeled during the time
To look down in the words to
Bring out what’s subtly sublime.

To bring magic through words
And compose ballads and iambs
Metric lines that tell languid tales
Bards’ numbers imprinted on time.
Emotions that can never be expressed
live in the metaphors and similes
Perfected like a shrine.

Copyright reserved.

Pic credit- pinterest.

Be like a periwinkle.

You see in every nook and corner the periwinkle that grows so subtly almost unnoticed and at times weeded out. The myriad of flowers ranging from blue, white and then pink bundled forming a nexus, a synergy channeling mirth in the spirit of life. The sashay of wind whispering to the ears of them tickle their laughing beans and they burst out in jocundness.
//The thing of beauty is joy forever//.

I wonder why they live life to their fullest and never adorned as the rose or the daisies or the hibiscus or tuberose. You will never see them in bouquets of flowers but they thrive in glee even though unnoticed.

//Be like a periwinkle//
Growing in the toughest of time the tides of heavy rainfall and thunder, the trample and flim flam don’t bother them. They just wear the precious jewellery that is the smile.
They cry too when they are uprooted and wilted as they are bullied by the scorns and spites and eventually die as unsung heroes.

But their unnerving spirit remains leaving behind the legacy to the world to take inspirations from.


Pic credit- Myself.

Copyright reserved.


Dedicated to my another sister Afrien.

(Me trying to scribble)

Afrien, how can be so quiet?
Having a name sung by a poet.
That’s a sluggish start of the poem
You would think Aquib is such a boy who smear.,
Aha, my dear dont mark my words

(Let me start for real.)

As the poem unfolds the years’ roll
Upon swinging air she walks with
such pride the demure channels,
Your words spread perfume over us,
Whose smell get embedded in for eternal years.
Certian is that your aura will spread like purple Kunthiana
That spread vividly wide annually over the brooks.

(let me add more hues)

There is one aura a pure like a Borealis,
Resplendently belligerent sprinkling aroma
Of puerility and refreshing souls
Like mythical Eos’s dewdrops.
Spreading saffron sparkles before dawn.
Her words, A petrichor everlasting
Smell, imprinted on naive minds.

(now comes the sarcasm)

Afrien, a dilemma of ‘i’ and ‘e’,
What name should Afreen or Afrien?
Like smoke subliming in air,
Let go this retort, bid farewell.
Well the bard in me now impersonating.

(Afrien’s rule never ends)

Eons will last your kingdom,
Uptil when the stars twinkle.
Upon Auric carpet will thy feet tread,
And shoes that no hands ever made.
Your rules certainly will never end.
You will be paid your price with
Valour and grandeur at your doorstep.


Copyright reserved.

Etheree: Zareen

Etheree dedicated to my sister Zrien.

The scenic
Aura you trail
like glitters in the
Expanse  of  the  golden
Flame held by the azimuth sky
Your words are the stars twinkling
in the blankness of my electric mind
c a r i c a t u r e in the ranks of heaven.
In the v a l le y of the dead-end zombies
Y o u   shine  with  the  divine  torch  holding
Your mind searches and thinks beyond the
C o m m o n e r s who eat morsels
Of the world and dance with
The m u s i c the dead
horns play. Aye! she
Holds u n t o
Words of


Copyright reserved.

Congratulations to me 😝

Really I cannot fathom this time, how it rolled by. I have learnt a lot through the blogging community.

There are great poets, writers here to whom I follow and read. It’s surely unlike any frivolous social media blogging is really a complete package for development of a skill.

Thanks a lot every one who read my posts and support and encourage me. Peace and blessings upon you all.


Life progress ahead
Mauve sheets dribble hues of blues,
Stories get unfold.

She brings bright gospels
Her fingers sparkle glitters
Spring trailing behind.

Love died when she died,
She grew flowers and branches,
Preyed upon by some foes.

Sun shines but doesn’t smile,
His moon eclipsed forever
Sky shatters on ground.

Copyright reserved.


//Into the reality//

The money plant,
It was three in my
Backyard and
Few more plants
Adorning the house
But clasped in my memory.

They were my
Friends whom I used to
Water and
pluck a few
Leaves and few flowers.
They were my price possessions.

I used to
Sit with my Bambi
The he-goat,
And patted
Him as he looked through
My eyes and licking my hand.

The star as
You see embellished
These are your
Tales you wished
Were true into the
reality but now dead.