The last ride…magical bus ride…really…

Bus journey 

there was boy named Atif. He used to wake up in the morning ie during dawn performed his Salaah and got ready for his school. He was 14 was actually in the 10 standard or grade. 

The bus for his school arrived took him to school and back to the home in the second shift. The bus in his route was rear and had to had two shift for safety and comfort. 

He was in the second shift (being second shifter was blessing in disguise) . The time he and their bus mates got was lit full of enjoyment , we played cricket and football with the second shifters, sometimes the girls used to join  our filthy non sense conversations, and sometimes they played quizzes with boys, sometimes they won sometimes we won. 

It was the best moments for us. This bond and trust I think is rare to build up. It was like a God blessing, like only few gets to experience. 

What was that he cherished? It’s simple and he realised after he left the school. It was sad leaving the school but the saddest was there will no bus ride. There will be no trump card players group. There will be no bhaiya that  teases the crap out who act like a douche bag. There will no “tota udh and Maina udh” there will no “someone” who reserves the seat for him. There will be no real friends who can fight for him and care for him. The bus ride was epic. He remembers some random incidents that will be funny enough to put us in hysterical laughter. Group shout after seeing the girls van passing by and many more. (I don’t want to make it too long).

During the last day of the school it was the time to leave or get detached from the umbilical cord ie was guiding through the naive in ourself.

  • It did not meant to be intense he wasnt realising it nor did every innocent minds until today he stands looking for same teachers , looking for same friends that swayed away. It’s like some mirage for him that does not exist in reality. 

The last time he stepped out of his bus the same hands popped out of the window he clapped with it but the sound of it is echoing till now. The bus sped away and vanished around the corner and he stood their for the last time on his stoppage cherishing every moment he spent till now every fights he had for the window seat etc. He walks away wiping his tears rolling down his cheeks that was hiding their with every laughter and fun for the last hour he had. 

(one thing I must say the western schooling system compared to Indian one is less strict, and I do know the manners and respect overall for the teachers and elders are beyond their comprehension. For eg, mobiles are banned in every school, so no distraction, more strict punishment, although better education are costly and poverty is the biggest problem here, I know primary education is free and lot cheaper, therefore western universities comes out better and effective. It’s just the case. Again I say primary education must be free, comment if you would like to read my view of Indian education system, I have prepared one, but need to hear your view, keeping smiling) 

Redemption#life #poem

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Life is really an interesting dilemma(s). It so inexpressible. You know what although we have freedom .. But do we feel free ?or caged in worldy dilemma?

Think about this for a while, while I just pause……..keep thinking it’s so important.
The first and foremost thing is, are we honest enough to put our perspective? 


Long ago I was born onto this world
Everything seems earnest and good.
And to the parents I was the only me 
All I get was attention and eyes
People look at me as the mentor. 
Time did change and so does its line
All I meant to be was wasn’t me
All I prepared and thought, 
All that I crave for, all gone in a flash
This flash though took days and weeks
But appeared as a moment just like a line.(A line consisting of everything you did. Just like a number line in Maths all the positives , negative and a zero).
The me that I thought to be 
The me to the other person. 
The me that I meant to be 
It wasn’t me after all. 
Things do change and plans do fail, 
All dreams do not come true
The efforts do go in vain. 
It’s like this and how life goes? 
Like an unexpected paradox and hypothetical beings
How about being nasty and anti social? 
How about containment confined in you? 
Where’s everybody that you hook upto? 
Where’s your friends and brothers? 
The back up you had are all gone 
The precious people left in  your hard times. 
You have only God and parents 
The ultimate goals you meant just
Your inner you is focused and directional
Don’t let anybody touch that 
Cuz they know the tides your playing with. 
The enemies all disguised to break you. 
The money you had and your affiliates
Doesn’t care who you are 
But what you lost. 
And this time I need to redeem


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I just attended and everbody was invited to a marriage ceromony commonly called as Nikaah in Muslim community and was held in Masjid(not so common nowadays). I thought I should write it as a blog and share the cool experiance I had. To be honest the marriage or so called the marriage ceremony lasted for about an hour or so.

here is one of the examples of simple marriage.


Simple Marriage

Friday ie on 30th September our Masjid’s Imam announced about the marriage that was scheduled in the masjid after the Asr Salah. Let me introduce to the person who were in the ven diagram of the marriage. The daughter’s father was of our locality, and were financially very sound basically they indulged in businesses of textile. They were legitimately very capable of holding grand marriage ceremony of their daughter, MashaAllah both the parties decided the venue to be in the Masjid.

I went to the the Masjid for Asr Salaah at 4:15 pm and, of course Masjid ie Allah’s home have a peaceful vibe that entices you completely and help one disconnect from the worldly affairs for you to meditate in the process of Salaah; its just such bliss and peaceful, shortly after the Namaaz the Nikah ceremony started.

Verses of Quran and Hadith were recited, Naseeha were given to everyone and finally it was time for signature and stuff. The Mehr was given on spot to the bride’s father. Congratulations were given to the bride groom who is also a business man(also a Moulana I guess) dressed in white Kurta and Pajama, literally no flower garlands, no Sehra, just plain and elegant white Kurta and Pajama ,looking fresh.

the bride is an Islamic Scholar, has memorized whole Quran; She is an Hafizah (obviously no there is no point of highlighting here filthy zahez,no baraat shraat, no give and take policy of engagement, Wallahi these are cringe onr the another level.…May Allah protect me and all Muslims from all innovations and Bidaa Ameen )(for these practicing Muslim things like this does not exist ;its non-existent).

Even though they were capable of holding dinner party lavishly, may be in a 3 star hotel and the bride groom like coming in SUVs etc they chose the way of the Sunaah of the Prophet(SAAS) .

Let me highlight some points and I sadly have observed in my family too.

After all the ‘fixation processs ‘the program of ‘Discussion’ executes ie about Zahez and if the Larka(potential bridegroom)(obviously not all) is holding big post then; damn; the Larkiwala(from the side of the bride) is just imposed with heavy so called ‘damands’(generally speaking obviously not all).

All the process just executes,like getting big hotel, varieties food, in short all the extravagances. During the actual Nikaah in these types of Marriages, with the ‘Rasam of Joota Chorai,gate chikai’ all the cringy stuffs ,its really, I dunno, what to say?, its just so bad. Guys if you happened to see the general Indian Muslims esp of girls’ marriage; the embarrassment is on the another level.

The fact, for those who are leaving the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet(SAAS) including the companions1 of the Prophet(SAAS) it’s a like we are ourselves are responsible for the eclipses one has from the mercy of Allah(swt) in a one’s marriage. We have to follow the Prophetic Style of marriage and as it was enacted as an example by the Sahabah and their students’ and their students’; the Marriage of Fatimah az­Zahra S.A and are some example to be followed because it has the ‘ruling’.

Notice that in Surah Room Verse 21 Allah mentions that the reason why we have spouses is so that we may find TRANQUILLITY in them and He placed between us COMPASSION/AFFECTION andMERCY. So if you are married and things aren’t quite going as stated in the ayah above then clearly something is not right. After all Allah SWT is the one who created us and he is the one who knows us best.

Many people seem to forget that the very same Allah who created us is also the same Allah who sent down legislation via revelation so surely revelation should be the FIRSTthing we turn to for answers…well unfortunately the sad reality is that for many Muslims it’s the LAST source they turn to.

Is there anyone who walked this Earth greater/more knowledgeable than the Prophet ﷺ? Is there anyone who would want to help us and provide solutions to our problems more than the Prophet ﷺ? A lot of people don’t give answers from the Kitaab and Sunnah rather they answer from their own experience and intellect (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing btw!) but the Quran and Sunnah MUST come first and THEN you come with your experiences etc.

One thing we must always remember, is that Allah created us and he also legislated for us. He knows what is best for us better than oursleves.

1Irbad bin Sariyah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet SAAS said “whoever among you lives after me will see slot of dispute.So hold fast to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs who will come after me, holding on to them with your molar teeth”

(Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali said “The sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(SAAS) consists of holding into what the prophet was upon and also what the rightly guided Khulafa were upon ,by following their speech, action and belief. All of this is what you call the complete sunnah. When the Salaf used to use the word Sunnah, they used to mean the path of the prophet and the Sahaba” )

Making marriages easy like we have in our Sunnah makes the Jina (fornication, it’s the big social evil, many families had been shattered because of this) and the ill effects of being not in a marriage to zero its like a ‘sea saw effect’ for a muslim. Its actually the solution to countless problem therefore our Prophet(SAAS) urges for its Ummah to get wed locked.

Narrated by `Abdullah:

We were with the Prophet (ﷺ) while we were young and had no wealth whatever. So Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “O young people! Whoever among you can marry1, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty (i.e. his private parts from committing illegal sexual intercourse etc etc .), and whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power.”2

1‘can marry’ here has been explained as both financial and physical ability by the scholars.
2[Sahih al-Bukhari, hadeeth 5066].

The fact that ‘Pre Marriage sins’ are getting more common is inversely proportional to marriage being not easy obviously without the extravagates. You can put it otherwise which is totally true. The solutions to all these are already given by our Prophet(SAAS) all we have to do is put into effect like how I observed that Friday.

Knowledge is the light that guides through the darkness, as Allah said”..We have made it a light by which we guide whom we will of our servants. And indeed, (O Muhammad), you guide to the straight path.

The Prophet(SAAS) said “The Prophets do not leave behind a dinar or dirham but rather, only (leave behind) knowledge, and whoever inherits that, then that person has taken a large portion”

(Abu Daawood, At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Maajah, Al-Albaani- Saheeh).

We have to resort to Ullema(2) of our deen and get ourselves in the light of the Knowledge(it encompasses everything including the topic of marriage) and to be away from the shadow of ignorance. As our Prophet(SAAS) said in the hadith above it’s a divine legacy that we are bestowed with and is literally the only thing that the Prophet(SAAS) left for his Ummah till the last of the Person ie till eternity and its suffices everything. We as a Muslim should push,urge and grab and inherit (etc.) that divine Legacy.(2.Sheikh Abdur Razzaaq al Badr said: “the stars are created for three reason:

  • Beautification for the Sky
  • Signs to guide the travelers
  • Protection against the evil

These three attributes of the stars are the same for the scholars.

Just as the stars are a beautification for the skies, likewise, the scholars are beautification for the earth. Juast as the stars guide travelers, the scholars guide people to the truth. Just as the stars are the protection against the devil, the scholars are a protection against innovation and falsehood in the religion.)

May Allah guide us to The Straight path and make our marriage according to Islam and make us the seeker of Ilm with Ikhlaas. Ameen.

life instinct #heart

Heart what actually is it????ever wondered……??

Heart: its just a vital organ in human body capable of pumping blood etc etc etc .Is it really like that? Even to the science students the living things have one characteristic feature called conscience(i am a science student:-)).

Human beings are the only living things to have the ‘Self conscience’. That means we know who we are, what we are?(we are aware of ourselves).

As we progress in our journey of life we encounter countless instance where we say ‘my mind is not ready’,’dil nahi kar raha’,’man nahi h’ and ‘my intuitions…’ ‘Heart broken’ etc😲. All these mind,intuition,heart, etc is ‘one entity’ that resides in  us. It is most fragile,complicated thing that we discover in our course of brief lifes. It is the product of what we are and moulds the way we live in.

It can be as pure as angle and can become as black as the charcoal. We can make this our support system or leave it as like a home less n weak without feeding.

This heart is like a number line(recall some junior mathematics classes🤐…Is it not like that??).It can imbibe both positivity(is white) and negativity(is black) ,basically we are the one responsible to feed our own heart, its in our own hand to paint it white or black😎.Be more than just being smart and paint it white(coz  nowadays even phones are smart😏).

The more good we do the more the ‘white’ gets in and so on.

This ‘black’ and ‘white’ reflects in our behaviour and to everybody else, it becomes our identity to the world the chief characteristics we get to be known far. So its damn significant, its unignorable. It means a lot.

Of course many authors and philosophical person or just a common person who is true to oneself can tell the intricacy of heart, its not way that the understanding of their understanding can make one understand,we must understand our own heart and then we can relate to their understanding and also can amend in a certain way. We must take heed from the revelation from our Creator who designed us and made a perfect live mould.

Let me end with few questions.

Why is it so important to understand heart?

Are we making our heart white or black?

Who can explain or hint the intricacy of heart perfectly?.Are my intuition effected by the whisper of evil? Does  intuition in phase with oneself?……

(Bye be positive peace)

Lost love

Love at first site #poetrybyaquibview

It happens in I think everybody’s life ie ‘love at first sight’ every honest and true guy wants a true love.There are few who might be like play boyish but lets not get into these corny and cringy stuffs.

So very few encounters love at first sight I assume may be few because there is fine line that differentiate it from lust.So the feeling is quite peaceful and a bliss.But have we encountered one?(but don’t just go bylooks its far more and more beyond that…people just follow what’s cool and apparently just looks…and gets devasted eventually…its integrity and honesty that matters the most)


I saw you my girl

With eyes full of my love

This  is not as random as it may seem

Togetherness may have been in our life’s scheme

Trust no logic my love its so awkward

Don’t shy away like a rainbow

Trust no nearby nor steward.

This journey is our friend

No accomplices and trends

My love don’t be Afraid I’ll be there

For anything you need you don’t have to wait

Just  for one time see my eyes

For  our love might ends when the journey ends

I dunno ’bout our destiny but only regrets

This journey is our friend

No accomplices and trends.

I do have fear but love don’t

I dunno what you feel inside your veil

Because its ur eyes that don’t tell lies.

You destination is near so as mine,

The love I felt as first sight ,were just mine?

You probably don’t care and its fine.

It can be  a crush or just fake

Feelings belongs to everybody its humane.

It’s time to depart and my love to fade

This momentarily error that must be paid.

It has no meaning and has no gain

The love I felt was not true

She felt no love and eschewed.

Was it my preposition or conclusion

For when I left I saw her numb eyes

She has sorrow fear and melancholy.

I wasn’t there for years but I felt the same

As she looked broken away

My sadness turn to joy

She was my love so was I.

But Alas our journey has completed its course

She faded away like a sunset

The gift we share is a gift of remorse.


Ever wondered why worries surround a person and melancholy ceases to a point that tears rolled down a cheek?.It become so depressing and nostalgic that life becomes a numb twig fallen from a tree.So where are the so called luxuries in life that people boost about that people living in fully furnished luxurious room is no different than a people struggling to achieve them.

.(God lend his ear even to the most misfortunate)”the poet describes the whole scenario to strengthen our selves by strengthening our connection with Him.Worries desires and etc all these things succumb to hatred in oneself thus achieving it by hook or by crook is definitely not the way but it’s contrary is.

What do the crabs do in a tub?Do they not pull each other legs to free themselves thus leaving all of them to chaos and disharmony.We humans have become crabs even worse than that that we can stoop to any levels leaving the crab wondering that ‘Are we better’.

We makes friends, socialize and do whatever is required  to be in limelight ,post it on Facebook ,twitter or any thing but the matter of fact is that its just a thing of ‘face value ‘ the irony is what matter is everything besides the integrity and honesty.

Who is a successful boy or girl in todays age of neck to neck competition?Who is so worthy to be called as successful?Who among us ie Ibn e Adam in the 20 th century is the perfect example of ideal person?

Musa the KalimAllah(pbuh) asked who will be my friend in Paradise,God replied that that particular Man who sells meat feeding and taking care of his old Mother.So live and let live.

So I live to fellow friends to ponder on things and be not swayed to the whisper of evil inside us.






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