Haq me achi batein kar jao

وقت کی معیار سے اتر جاؤ کچھ پل اپنے نام کر جاؤ .ہمسے زمانہ تو روٹھا ہے الودا سے قبل مِل کر جاؤ بدگمانی کی چادر ہٹاؤذرا ہمسے دوچار ہو جاؤ اپنے کمرے میں تنہا جو او تو احباب کے ساتھ آ جاؤ . وہ پرند ہمسے رفیق ہے اسے ‘چھ چه’ کر نہ بھگاوContinue reading “Haq me achi batein kar jao”

The love never dies.

I used to look into her eyes, And kiss those beautiful eye lids, And Clasped hands together tightly We would witness the sun glorifying us, We would listen to the endearing Zephyr singing ballads. The cuckoo bird would welcome us with beautiful symphonies. I told her about good tales That fairies did exist and elvesContinue reading “The love never dies.”


Full moon night heralds Masked men in black to dance Under Autumn’s sky. Tarot cards, jinxed doll, Bargaining souls to attain Pleasure of this world. Impinge holes in brains With cellophanic f a c e s Nature’s arm destroyed. Loud hee-haws Spirits, Tumulting beats to conjure, Sniffing orphic smoke. Naked pseudo truth Sortilege sacrifices. illumination.Continue reading “Haiku”

Be like a periwinkle.

You see in every nook and corner the periwinkle that grows so subtly almost unnoticed and at times weeded out. The myriad of flowers ranging from blue, white and then pink bundled forming a nexus, a synergy channeling mirth in the spirit of life. The sashay of wind whispering to the ears of them tickleContinue reading “Be like a periwinkle.”