The love never dies.

I used to look into her eyes, And kiss those beautiful eye lids, And Clasped hands together tightly We would witness the sun glorifying us, We would listen to the endearing Zephyr singing ballads. The cuckoo bird would welcome us with beautiful symphonies. I told her about good tales That fairies did exist and elvesContinue reading “The love never dies.”


On the auspicious wedding night She told him to sleep sound & tight Nay! not with her but with flimsy, Car, AC, cash and bright filigree. Till date the Couplets are told, “Oh Mir! your daughter is no more”. He only forgot to give the white shroud, A body laden with red Lehga was brought.Continue reading “THE BALLAD OF MIR’S DAUGHTER’s DEATH.”


The aura on your faceI wonder the scintillationThat shower on your demureSo valvety, vivid and voracious.  The moon sometimes envy youOh beloved! Loving you was my blessings,Wish our endearment lasted forever.Today the moon is crying as well,And the sunflower watching in despair.For you are the angel walkingWith you periwinkle dance in airAnd moon smileAnd theContinue reading “She”