You dead ?

Out of the slumber I amIn this oblivious world,Where I feel peeps in trance,Walking in the tune of the orders.I opened my eyes from theDeath like sleep in the nature’s lap,Resuscitated each dawn.To see from the eyes the  sun raysTo hear the ballads of the nightingleAnd how the sky changes colorFrom azure to hues ofContinue reading “You dead ?”

Haq me achi batein kar jao

وقت کی معیار سے اتر جاؤ کچھ پل اپنے نام کر جاؤ .ہمسے زمانہ تو روٹھا ہے الودا سے قبل مِل کر جاؤ بدگمانی کی چادر ہٹاؤذرا ہمسے دوچار ہو جاؤ اپنے کمرے میں تنہا جو او تو احباب کے ساتھ آ جاؤ . وہ پرند ہمسے رفیق ہے اسے ‘چھ چه’ کر نہ بھگاوContinue reading “Haq me achi batein kar jao”

Blithe carefulness

Since the dawn the rays beaming and yelling, Epiphanies of the kind-cruel world, How the flower that bloomed was crushed ! How the periwinkle was uprooted ! The… the sparrows were poisoned and killed, The… the earthen pot was shattered , The sweetest water that I sipped Spilled and castigated on ground. Splash…splash…splash… The bitter-sweetContinue reading “Blithe carefulness”

Delights of the periwinkle

Let me Unfold some pages of shattered pieces in lost town Flying in oblivion of unknown sky There I find in darkness of night A demure filled with kindness and love. Sometimes I wonder in remnants of my thoughts What signs that it foretells? Profusely soaking the words as i pen And in the foggyContinue reading “Delights of the periwinkle”

Blue moon.

I have yet to see my blue moon, For my sky lacks even the stars. The pole star that was there Her shine dimmed by the dark clouds. It’s autumn in my world, seems like It is never ending. Ah, my sun sometimes fails to rise. It’s been all dark, even the green is notContinue reading “Blue moon.”

Sailed away

Today I felt like a shattered piece of glass, something missing in me that kept haunting me. Now, my lachrymal glands have dried too. These four walls that helped me soothe are also crying, I can hear them. It’s what world has to offer me- Morsels and dead dried leaves. Those halo charm, voice andContinue reading “Sailed away”