Delights of the periwinkle

Let me Unfold some pages of shattered pieces in lost town Flying in oblivion of unknown sky There I find in darkness of night A demure filled with kindness and love. Sometimes I wonder in remnants of my thoughts What signs that it foretells? Profusely soaking the words as i pen And in the foggyContinue reading “Delights of the periwinkle”

Night into day.

stars studded stardust nights whisper, realms of mirthful kingdoms do exist, tales’ lores come alive in viterous, singing dulcet cathartic bead . days unfolds daily monotony, yearning peace in lieu of worries , spiteful realities wet the eyes, sun shines but dismember the dreams. ©Aquib


There come a deformed soul, With anguish in blood, Filled with Regrets and remorse. Singing catatonic verses. . What does they say? From their cursed mouth, A made up face, bemoaning facts. Molars broken, bleeding coax. . Swaying away from truth, In the trance and intoxicants Guised in the name of pseudo Illumination, Ignorant withContinue reading “Benighted.”