I failed you each time you called me, Time’s has its own way and I submit to him, It’s unlikely that I will win. So why do have you halted yourself? It’s time for you leave and leave!. I don’t have words now. How can a small box carry a big one? You ought toContinue reading “Adieu”

Random thoughts (after a long time)(Edgy Shopping)

          We should always be thankful to our parents for everything they have done esp our divine mothers. I want to Thank my Parents too, for educating me, not only this but in a boys school. Yep, guys it is so good and effective. It always spark my synapses when IContinue reading “Random thoughts (after a long time)(Edgy Shopping)”

Random thoughts, another one. 

#funnyblogs yet again, another one.   (tea test, how to make  tea?  , some random thoughts, and a random poem.  ) Another one. Hey, My dear brothers and sisss,….. And their sisters. 😁😁😁 Mera pyare bhaiyo and pyare bhaiyo ki bheno.😁😁 How are you all?. Do you hate me? But I love you. (brothers don’tContinue reading “Random thoughts, another one. “