Echos in the ripples of the consigning wave.

Kept calling your name with fortitude.

Marvelling at your shadowed sight.



You felled down,

bowed like hypocrites.

And then expected

a return to show that face.

You poured down

of what you were feeded,

You remained in the

boxes that were given.



Things aren’t fair or just

All are painted with same color,

Rights are wrongs and wrongs are rights.

When the one shouts for rights

there is no unison,

All bathing in the same blood..

When the distinction of zero and one

are faded with concoction, then,

following shall be Dire destructions.



The wrongs bellied in bogged assuages,

There shall be then no return,

When then thy fall

in the pit of conflagration,

Ignorant and blinded by qualm lights.

Ye! Well then be a zombie?

Eventually crying out with contrite heart.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght



Sheen (A collaboration)

A collaborative work with Pragya.

I am profoundly grateful for her kindness and humbleness for collaborating with me, she is an archetype of positivity she trails behind .

Her ardent readers know her very well for her welcoming and sweet nature she naturally carries. (Just beware of creeps, lol).

Her works stand out for her brilliance, her epic style of thinking and writing foremost her keen interest as a seeker of spectral knowledge makes her what she is know as the

“Pearlpoetess “.

Pragya, pearl poetries.



As black as the charcoal,
Tantamount to shimmery calmness,
These when given perchance
Smothered to give the belligerent eminence.


Our reveries
Burnt down to numb, frowned ashes.
Contemplated musings
Rise up as rusted-red, glittery yellow flames.


This black beauty
Espoused many dignitaries.
Ardent zeal for the fuel
Caused ordeal of disharmony.


We burn
Underneath the canopy of worldly
Conventions, lacklustre rejections.


The nature cries at their,
Shambling incense,
Burning their morals and conscience
Their lustre succumbing to ashes.


Brittle scowls, porous screams go unheard
Until hollow darkness swallows
our dead wishes’ remains.
Until our souls turn to cold, dark charcoal.


The odyssey of life,
We ace the superficiality
But lies in the heart of charcoal .
The priceless, that was,
moulding and transforming
Throughout these ages.


Now we shimmer,
Sublime, crystal dead souls with no hues.
Voiceless voids in grief-stricken bodies


Underneath the canopy of worldly
Conventions, glamorous exceptions .
Choked, tangled perceptions
Enclosed in scarlet, black just coffins
Marked by desires, lust and greed.
We shimmer,
In the name of diamonds.


The diamond from the
Amorphous carbon,
Voicing the enigmatic tale,
Pellucid human being,
behind the glitzy wall
Pervicacious, furiously
tasting this insatiate greed.


Among these, it wasn’t the carbon
But equivocally, human bleed.

©Pearlpoetries and !ns¡ght

By Pragya and Aquib.

Logo : Nandita

Love #3. Apparition. 

Oh dear glad you found me,

Was shackled by the shadowy beasts,

In those aeons of trials ‘n tribulations

I interred in a cascade  bartered,

Surely your hands so feebly strong,

That it hold be right.


Oh dear dont be crazy at me,

I looked upon your silhouette,

As you walked passed by.

Since the time I saw you,

I never knew,

You were by my side.

Dear, remember the laughter we  share

Over the silly cup of tea,

I was really a caffeine addict,

Therefore I always stole

half the apart of yours.

It was really  silly of me.


Love we shared was so delicately strong,

Your perky tears that my hand soaked

I won’t let it fall,  my dear! ,

I once told if that appears again,

‘Gandhi ji would start a march there.’


Your desires and demands

Were like your books,

Your smile and demure I admired the most.

Sometimes your beady eyes sparkled

The joy and bliss channelising in ‘tween.


And across the road we stand

Amidst  the heavy traffic in ‘tween

Waiting for the clear signs. 

Only to see the apparition,

In the stillness of slowing silence

Where once you stood,

Waving your hand.

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©Copyright reserved 2018!ns¡ght




Deep in the treasure of yester days,

Lies mysteries embedded in the memories of forgotten tales.

That past heralding the echoes in ear,

Reminding those of declining days.

Time that bore forsaken fruit,

Thundered in the heavenly canopy,

The roads where mind roam freely

Reminding me it’s only a fallacy.

At Nights watching that firefly.

Brothers that only smiled,
love that starlit stardust had

Reminding me, its the oblivion that I had.

Those fairy tales that echoed;

Of tales where the love wins;

Of the truthful that never would be deceived,

Reminding of the relics fancied.

Running racing with the wind

That breeze shushed, sashaying the hint

To fervor frantically wedging it’s girth

Falling facing the divine prisma

Reminding me it’s lost under the sham stigma

Moulding as the tectonic plates shifts.

Sailing around the sun,

With time that all started

Will be sundered at the dead end,

Reminding of the Hour that belittlingly belied.


!ns¡ght 2017

Copyright reserved 2018.

Repost *

(would be posting new poems/prose in a while , God willing, pardon me now. 🤗🤗) .


Logo credit : Poetic periscope.

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Sagacious Dilemma (A Collaboration) 

 I am glad to present you the collaborative poem. I hope it tickle your taste buds.

Please do Follow the esteemed and insighted blogger Nandita Gupta from poetic periscope. I am grateful for her efforts and it was such a spontaneous poem i must add. She is too young but her thoughts are extremely sublime and streamlined, an extremely logical person .


Poetic periscope

Sagacious Dilemma, a repost. ***

The fight between me and the devil that resides ..

The craving of bad things the desires of wrong…But everytime I kill it…It adds  a charm to my beauty of soul

The darkness of night in which devil is powerful in that darkness I seek lessons from that.

The crusade against that devil of mine

That craves me out for felony acts and desire of perverse pride..

I set a rage against thine; rage rage against the dying of light

Those scars of struggle then turn;

into the glowing charm of ‘following and remembering the Divine.’

The darkness of night in which devil whispers his knell,

So powerful and ferocious are those chants of ‘death-spells’.



The divinity I face is far superior than those,

Feeling of a halo charms kill all malevolence. 

I rise up high and high in honour and persona.

Since I gave up all my worldly diaspora.

Those black and white things.

That sojourn innately in our own beings.

Those callous mortals often succumb to these.

Leeching to the blackness Supreme.


And Then I turn up again standing in the mid-flow of mighty stream once again!

With the undying faith in my heart

While this time- I whisper in my devil’s ear…

You are just a stream and I am the Storm.

The Good and White shall always sustain and your darkness and evil shall surely perish again and again.

By heart the message from God and you shall be saved from seeing the mirror on the ‘day of judgement’ and escape the sight of your eerie life that went in vain.



The trepidation of the jacquard boulevard,

I swayed far away smelling the cryptic carroding tars,

I hatched out from the paltry reprisals

Gathering small lights that scatter.

It pierced the shadows of the darkness,

I sung the tune; a divine tune,

That I received from the rope of the Almighty.

Bewildering cantankerous bulwarking walls.

I embark to the alley treaded by refulging stars.

©Copyright reserved 2018

Poetic periscope and !ns¡ght. 


Nandita Gupta 

Aquib khan.




Gloomy days and haunt full nights

Each day a tirading swaps of echos of plight

Without smile and lips frowned at fights

With each dark moment and

With people masquerading sights

Without the soft hand of bricked heart and mind ,

Without the fake-ness that reached heights

I smiled through  every walking’s side ..

Sycophancy, hypocrisy, nepotism, and dark Whispers of insanity,  peaked.

Alas, they can’t discern the pungent quality they themselves deceived.

The fundamentals of all believes, their blackness cannot receive.

They die each day for they forget it’s all ‘ the inevitable’s leave’. And

All I can do is smile at their dodgy  beliefs.
Junk files in the mind need purging,

Or need a scathing and shredding,

See, then, the mind and soul  synchronizing.

“Smiling now, the last



©!ns¡ght. All rights reserved.



Life’s game


Life twist

Life takes so many odd turns that it becomes incomprehensible at many times. We did not realize the aftermath of the decisions we take, always have a constant thinking that the ‘get going’ would be smooth without any hurdles.

Contrary to our assumptions and planning a volcano like thing erupts that destroy the mood and elixir of our pre- disposed selves , life becomes a mesh and looks like a difficult maze where the exit is no where.

Life’s turns…

Do we have a feeling of bed of roses?

Life is full of thorns without poises.

What is it takes to live!!! its not just breaths and beats,

Amalgamate hardship and many such things.

Some do have blinkers on

Do not have time and scope to see them all

they enjoin within the glitzy humdrums and pleasures

They succumb to Leechiness

And aloof from life’s treasure.

Bards numbers do linger

Life is not eternal but declensional

It’s definitely significant and beneficent.

We must value it for it has a next life

To prosper and grow and be steadfast in light.

We have the questions to be answered

For the day is waiting and the moment to come

Have we ever pondered over the wrongs we have done?

©Copyright reserved 2017



repost* …i dunno why i was so obsessed with games……


The game (poem) (reposted)

I was wrong everytime to think about you.

I was wrong to tell the gleeful tales,

to burden you by the laughter we shared,

,to tell “it’s wrong, it’s not the way”.

And I was wrong in every sense.




The flight we took never escaped.

Remained unfueled for ages.

The moment we shared wasn’t true

It was all viciously fake.

Among our humdrum affairs that cooed in the echo of nowhere,

The heartbreak felt was never  similar to mine.







Things seemed perfect but wasn’t fine.

Time rolled fiercely ahead.

I stand down the closet.

To watch my imperialistic passion trampled by the tread of time,

The love isn’t mine, love isn’t my game.

This game is over, and made me a calumny of spurred moments.




The intuition tirades me to break the cacoon

The cacophony of the life, silenced by the peck of mine

I embraced the turmoil and falls,

And smiled as it gives me hard.

And lastly as I stand tattered

Flowed in my the veins array of lightening followed by thunders.

To be continued.

The game 2

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017

Aquib khan.

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Standing on the platform I saw some vapid dreams,
My eyes sprinting horizon,
But often a mirage occurs,
It’s all wavy; a Conundrum of affairs.
A humdrum life?




There is no looking back dear,

That now cannot be undone,
You know what, when I leave!

‘I will &’ m not here for the apologies, Certainly, one day will be deaf for your eulogy.’




In the mist of brumal night,

When those balmy hands waved me..
I fleed away in the nebulous dungeon..




I could make out through the fog

Your lucid smile.

Just be there..

I am not the one to hold;
Those hand.




I am still Shackled by my vexing,

Still searching for my white dove,
But all proclaimed by poachers,
My tears sublimed in the murk,
Rest all smiles died in the dorky nights.




Lies ahead are just vacant roads,
The veil my eyes had had retreated,
When lightning strucked me.
Some falls apart and some dies
That’s the tale of fighting souls.




Standing on the platform I saw some vapid dreams,

My eyes sprinting horizon,

But often a mirage occurs.

It’s all wavy; a Conundrum of affairs.

But this life is certainly a test.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght

Aquib khan.



images (3)_1507797101681


Treading the path

Glee,jolly along with its fire

But stumbled across

Deluged wall, a demean

An oasis of hope.

Dessicating the elixers,

With each mighty approach.


Floundering in the flood of dismay,

A caricature demure,

Pushing towards the sanity

Deputising , soothing , harmonizing.

Became the ‘driving force.’


Alas , vaporizing each day

Unable to solve the mind’s equation

Felled into the trench of frivolity

Vapour vanished ultimately.


©Copyright reserved 2017