The path ii

Things said and done 

We are not together, not one

My path is different from common ones

Dulcet scribbles in a cascade’s shun, 

Had to digest, else, can cause constipation. 

Words facades in your intuition 

’cause your living in a  glitzy mansion, 

That fetters your trepidation 

And cause you to slip in your hullicination. 

Remember a contumacious rejection 

Will cause the harm of the salvation. 

Don’t flounder in a flood of confusion. 

The signs for the path is casting till horizon, 

Don’t ignore and be in transgressing unison. 

Things said and done 

Are we still together or one? 

(I really like the flash series)

Keep smiling

Aquib Khan

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Path (unfinished) 

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Deep into the clouds of horde

Alone with everybody 

I walk searching for my aisle

In the darkness of frivolity. 

To my path as I walk. 

As I walk with folks around

The faces I missed, masked. 

To its vanity I got ensnarled 

To my dears, I wrote words in my heart. 

I may end here but you should go on. 

‘What happened, happened! try to move on,

Nothing ‘s permanent here, carry on…’ 

I tread, 

To a place of unstinted abundance 

And a realm magnificent, 

I stretched my vision, 

For some clue and signs. 

(originally, I wrote this in my free class’ s period  but  last two stanzas got erased in my pockets, haste make a waste, dang it.  

but now  It turned out like this , hope you like it., btw..)

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With the sweet words

And the smile on the face

Accolades for everyone

Withering each day,

From the dusk to dawn

Hearing the bursting of cloud

With the flash of thunderstorm

Waiting each day for the rain

To the sweet face, drenching it wet

Seeing their gates wide open

Smiling each day, for the drops to come.


Standing at the station

Watching the train stops.

Yearning for my dear to appear.

With all the whistling vanishing

the platform got cleared.

Walking like an agitated stoic soul

To the jungle of beast kinship

Getting weak by its dementor

Until, a glowing  sweet soul,

With eyes wide glancing,.

Like an apparition so high but so nigh

Calling to the awaited fane..

Giving me the cup free of frivolity

Free of all ill taint.

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Aquib Khan

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Song on betrayal. Why you leavin.?

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For all those fakers who veils against the mask. 

You take your  back fast,  I don’t wanna smell your fart.

Hey My friend where; you heeding? 

Look, I stood for you, but now you are leaving. 

You knew me not, I am the stoic. 

I made and carved your way, 

So that you may not get stray. 

Yea, my friend why, you leavin. 

Seeing me, the other side, I gave you the aisle. 

You snatched all, from me,  but now you are leavin. 

You showed me your back, for you stepped on me, like a crab.. 

Like Julius’s friend you stabbed, 

You used to blew my flute. 

But now, why “et tu brute? ” 

for now I paid you my price . 

And counted till thrice, 

And showed what you were, stupid? 

Like a broken strings in Cupid’s



You got money, I got my integrity, 

You know, but people love me, 

Although I am not a celebrity.(Ahaha) 

You forget a poem we learnt in Sanskrit.

You got stiffed, yea, 

You ought to be broken by a slight whip. (Ahem) 

For a twig, astute. 

remains humble when it bears fruit. 

‘I,’, ‘me’ who you are, what you gonna be? 

For I believe in ‘we’. 

For I meddle with no one’ 

But with awl ‘ (ahem) (don’t meddle with me) 

You leavin’ 

I tell you must leave. 

For you lost your instinct. 

Hey dude, where you heeding.?

Remember ‘m’ 

Remember ‘e’ 

Remember both. 



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