A dried solitary leaf. (Poem) 

Time and again it reminded,

When it was the bud,

Belonging to the twig of its colony.
Flurrying to its glory,

Growing to its full laminar stage,

With all its stipulary accessory mates ,

All the shines it absorbed,

and burn itself to produce the chimes,

To the world of callous mortals.

Eating, enjoying and merry making,

Forgot to give its ‘ customary mandate’ ,

To the leaf jarring from the twig

Tis now a solitary leaf falling from the twig,

Trampled by everyone’s feet...



It reminded, the once glory

A Lush green sparkling story

Where fruits of life grows

Thud – thudding the evergreen floor,

And our children looked and aimed,

With the catapult’s stones.

Now withered to Grey,

As the tears falling away it felled,

Covered the grass with the blood

Crimsoned in scarlet red.

Yes, the leaf, without its rumbling,

Waiting for the apologies

Lies lifeless without the eulogies.


yes!!, It’s a solitary leaf falling from the twig

Trampled by everyone’s feet…


Never have I given a thought,

Does my life like it’s similitude?

Where once I started afresh

Felt all the warmth and love

Now, I got jolted by calumny affairs,

Removed from the umbilicus pool,

Trampled by everyone’s feet

As I lost my own instinct.

As a dried fallen solitary leaf,

Fallen from a twig,

Trampled by everyone’s feet?

©Copyright reserved 2017!ns¡ght


Aquib. Keep smiling.

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Deep in the treasure of yester days,

Lies mysteries embedded in the memories of forgotten tales.

That past heralding the echoes in ear,

Reminding those of declining days.

Time that bore forsaken fruit,

Thundered in the heavenly canopy,

The roads where mind roam freely

Reminding me it’s only a fallacy.

At Nights watching that firefly.

Brothers that only smiled,
love that starlit stardust had

Reminding me, its the oblivion that I had.

Those fairy tales that echoed;

Of tales where the love wins;

Of the truthful that never would be deceived,

Reminding of the relics fancied.

Running racing with the wind

That breeze shushed, sashaying the hint

To fervor frantically wedging it’s girth

Falling facing the divine prisma

Reminding me it’s lost under the sham stigma

Moulding as the tectonic plates shifts.

Sailing around the sun,

With time that all started

Will be sundered at the dead end,

Reminding of the Hour that belittlingly belied.


!ns¡ght 2017

Copyright reserved 2018.

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The day.

Stones where I rested my back on,
Are contemptuously jinxing me.

Sporadic Spasm in my muscles,

The poison does not disintegrate.

The arrows in my bivouacing sky,

still lingers in my grimy eyes.




Ah! My gallant derides sans sanity,

I raged in the skeptic night,

Non-convalescent and acrimonious.

I incercerated in the shambles of the shams.

I lay there solitary like lifeless leaf,

Escaping raining arrows.

And blows of the silvery

Majestic swords,

Shimmering in my eyes.




Rose up against all my effigies,

scattering All the inundated love

with the surge of all the adrenaline.

Those bygone interludes in the my vitreous,

trudging and Perspiring…

Until the dagger pierced my heart… .

the hands drenched
in my warm and crimson blood

Were the hands that I used to hold.
They forgot the fate is same for all.

Those masquerading cellophane faces,
They clench the same sand of time,

slipping, however they it hold tight.




I dropped high in the cardinal oblivion.

Resplendently marched to the new beginning

Where the soulful winds

That blows life

Smelling the fragrance of my harvest

From The flowers that ‘ll bloom

On The day when the trumpet will be blown.

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©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2018


The setting of the sun.

Image credit Aquib.

My endearment lied in my hands,

Unblemished it was unable to reach your shore.

We though seem to converge,

But it was the lie of the eye.

We were parellel like the shore.


My tears, laughter dried with your Visage diverging,

In the teritory where my shadow vanishes,

Thou shalt then have the shade unknown.

And my memories as honey dripping on your soul.


I was shattered in sea of turmoil,

With wounds of time when I collided.

Dear, why hath you laughed at my wounds?”

Even though your heart cried,

Your shine christened my wounds.


I can’t see sun brilliant at us,

Hazing you, besides the warmth.

The cold doth chilled me but

your clandestine embrace

(You were my God sent sun)

Though healed my wounded heart.

‘Silly me, with each crystals of Epiphany,

Swayed me away with the ebbing riverine.’

How canst you then lie in the ashen figments?

It’s a Phoenix and will resurrect,

resuscitate you when thy sun rage.

Silly you to say me endearing words,

The uncanny bulwark faltered,

Buried our wonderlust love..


The Harp that I played the lore ,

Echoed in the valley of wraiths

The strings percussed until

It broke with jaded crescendo.

Will ye be happy now?, Nah!

My farewell remain due until now.

Will ye then witness the sun set?

It’s now lost in the horizon.

Where you shalt then happily cry,

And with glee my prayers

Will Jocund your walks.


©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2018.



I am totally awestruck and overwhelmed by the response by the one of my favorite writers on wp, Ayesha Kishwar from @the write direction.

I feel I am not eligible to describe her style of writing you just need to see for yourself.

Here is the link to her latest post.


It was just random as if God send her because I was looking for someone to duet me on the verses I felt it was incomplete.

Hope you all will like it and appreciate our efforts.

Btw she she took only 15 mins to weave the best of her poetry, I feel MashaAllah. May God bless her more with the power of words and success.

Here we go.

This ground you see is not the ground you see,
This path that you are treading is not the path you ought to choose.
When I see laughter it’s not the laugh that you laughed.
When the celestial swim across the heaven,
And cosmos obeys the heavenly laws,
All the stars that shine,
That beautified the sky.
The embellishing moon you see.
And the plants that maketh food to thee.
The perfection all lies within.

The deception you are in.
Vilely sway away and away till your death.
Upon that when you realize, it’s always too late.
When you leave your glitzy mansion,
Unto to the journey beneath the earth,
The unseen fact you denied,
Will be on your face, and questions
remaining to be answered.

The ground you proudly emboss your footsteps upon Lies silently in wait to open up and swallow you whole

You will soon regret the false path you chose When, it shall your grave enclose

Those laughs will fade away into a ringing silence The senseless smiles will melt away into tears of regret

As hollow as the unending black skies you once stared into Uncomprehending of them staring right back at you

You were too gripped by the enigma of the Moon and Mars To spare a single thought for the Creator of the sun and stars

The world you inhabit is nothing but a deceptive mirage Snatching you away from the true purpose of your existence

If only your eyes could glimpse what awaits beyond the veil Your life might not have been in such ruin and sabotage

Only few seek the truth and humbly believe Before their bones join their place beneath the earth

Would you rather be the one who lived, laughed and cried Who perceived the bigger picture and smiled

Or the one who, without purpose, Lived and died.

©Copyright reserved [The write direction] and !ns¡ght 2018

Ayesha & Aquib.

Bag of sand

My life being like the darkness of the dungeons,
in all hues of blues I remembered to smile.
Absorbing all rays, charring me.
Oft times I smiled at my loved ones,
alas! receiving the nonchalant smirks.



For every love’s stimuli, it responded
With red rage and consigns .
Like the refugees of the outskirts,
castigated and looked down upon.
Vanishing were images in photographs,
In the album that was close to my heart.
I wish the hiraeth exists for me too!
Contrary,i’m on excavation for the home .



I live by feeding morsels of wistful sham,
The daggers clenched by the same blood
Pierced my heart whenever I embraced them.
But Still masquerading smiles and



Revolving around the sun with the earth,
Being the same ,like bag of sand, pummeled.
I leaked down to ashes ,
Vanishing somewhere in the vast sky.

© Copyright reserved. !nsight


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has it been the empty stride?
Was  the heart  that pumped the wrong blood?
Or the air breathed in was the odd one?


The sky till shines and moon still gleams,
The day still awaits for the sun to expand,
The red dwarf, the nescent stars,
Wait till it crumble  to clump.
And then split into asunder.


The tears dropped held no value,
The remincence of pasts lie morbid,
Among dying  morsels of mortals.
All the strings that  broke and lost.
Wait till everything gets connected.
And then the puzzle will make sense.


It’s not late to realize,
Why the bees collect nector?
And why the ants toil?
Why the time always strikes?
Why the earth moves
It’s heavenly strides?


Everything holds meaning,
The pumped blood is right
And air taken is always upright.
It’s we who always ignore
And don’t realize.




I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to Nandita from Poetic periscope for suggesting me the title.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght  2018.


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Poetry is you.

Poetry is not just the words, poetry is you.

Poems do not speak, speaketh what is you.

It speak to the world in silent words,

Even though the mouths remain shut.


I have pain, longing, desires & epiphanies,

And soulful words soujouring in my larynx..

While it comes to mouth in ominous shy.

And when it says, “you are my coolness of my eyes”. ”

” Remember me in thy prayers”,

“this world a stagnant remorse”.

“beware of the whispers of demons”.

Reside in them are my breathe that I blew.


Poetry is love when moon kisses,

And when sun cools down,

And speak not of callous hostility.

But surely of melting hearts.


Poem is when tears roll down,

Poem is when ignite senses around,

Poem is when it Kindle fire in ashes.

An amranthine sparks in the brains.

Poetry is you, and you are the poetry.

Surely it’s you and you are the poetry.






Images are taken by me.

©Copyright reserved. !ns¡ght

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Glitter but not gold. (Poem)

Somewhere sometimes
In the midst of solitary night ,
Where the darkness seemed,
To pinch, I stood there, ’cause
I like the comauflaging night.
Where it blankets me beautifully.


Street lamps there it stood with,
Shimmery pale light; yellow,
It harboured insects for a night
And in dawn lied dead, parallel.
It wasn’t moon; it implied.
Lights that are coolness to eyes
Are Not from raging fire, burning.
But the eternal light, guiding.


Chimera of darkness often resides
Among silhouettes of angelic light ,
Orderness is not innate dear.
Feasible is it’s opposite;
And is certainly spontaneous.


Still left are some reticent bays,
Often their shores are unsure
It looks hazy and misty
Like a rose with thorns.
I won’t tread, its flashy lights that
Blind the eyes and numbs the brain.
It’s when i see the sunshine.
Until dusk I shall move forward.
Till dawn I will scathe my shore.


Still in search of the catharsis
Where pain vanish and murk disappear.
Often shattered pieces of glass smiles
When I see them lying on forlorn floor
Not flaking in a least bit,
Tattered are there life and so they are.
But Dulcet are their reflection to the sky.
Their gloom; vacuous in abysmal din.
They were not gold but their glitters were pure.


©Copyright reserved.

!ns¡ght. Aquib.

A Poem.


Under the mauve sheet layered intricately,

The hearts painted with raging blood,

From the tale of Romeo Juliet to till now,

All those died cause of love.

Those pompous pillers, and stairways,

Hearts Serenading the rosy apparition.


Entangled, espoused were gallant bloods,

Treaded the roads of desert for the

Ocean of love.

Lively-history and silentious numbers,

Bards of past still ponder.

Why The gold rusted and

Why the diamond burnt?


It stood in magnificent fane,

Calling out for the hand of sane ,

Lies underneath all the brave,

Some stood at outskirts,

Thinking ’bout the foolish pace.

Forgetting; time is the master of all Fates.


There were neither fane nor minerats,

As long as I digest the universe’s tale.

The cosmos around is bewildering

Shaking, vituperating us.

Alas we died at its fate,

Devouring all the pains and trials.

Arise, come to the shore,

On the land locked by no ocean

Only sea with salt and grains.


©Copyright reserved