There come a deformed soul, With anguish in blood, Filled with Regrets and remorse. Singing catatonic verses. . What does they say? From their cursed mouth, A made up face, bemoaning facts. Molars broken, bleeding coax. . Swaying away from truth, In the trance and intoxicants Guised in the name of pseudo Illumination, Ignorant withContinue reading “Benighted.”

A dried solitary leaf. (Poem) 

Time and again it reminded, When it was the bud, Belonging to the twig of its colony. Flurrying to its glory, Growing to its full laminar stage, With all its stipulary accessory mates , All the shines it absorbed, and burn itself to produce the chimes, To the world of callous mortals. Eating, enjoying andContinue reading “A dried solitary leaf. (Poem) “

The setting of the sun.

My endearment lied in my hands, Unblemished it was unable to reach your shore. We though seem to converge, But it was the lie of the eye. We were parellel like the shore. .. My tears, laughter dried with your Visage diverging, In the teritory where my shadow vanishes, Thou shalt then have the shadeContinue reading “The setting of the sun.”

Poetry is you.

Poetry is not just the words, poetry is you. Poems do not speak, speaketh what is you. It speak to the world in silent words, Even though the mouths remain shut. . I have pain, longing, desires & epiphanies, And soulful words soujouring in my larynx.. While it comes to mouth in ominous shy. AndContinue reading “Poetry is you.”

Glitter but not gold. (Poem)

Somewhere sometimes In the midst of solitary night , Where the darkness seemed, To pinch, I stood there, ’cause I like the comauflaging night. Where it blankets me beautifully. . Street lamps there it stood with, Shimmery pale light; yellow, It harboured insects for a night And in dawn lied dead, parallel. It wasn’t moon;Continue reading “Glitter but not gold. (Poem)”

A Poem.

Under the mauve sheet layered intricately, The hearts painted with raging blood, From the tale of Romeo Juliet to till now, All those died cause of love. Those pompous pillers, and stairways, Hearts Serenading the rosy apparition. . Entangled, espoused were gallant bloods, Treaded the roads of desert for the Ocean of love. Lively-history andContinue reading “A Poem.”