Urdu Ghazal – #love- By Aquib

Glossary Jaan nisar – devoted Javaaz – justified Nayaaz- supplication Bazm e Jana – closed ones Ulfat – love Irtekaaz- convergence Noor e Qamar- light of the moon Ru e noor – light from her Furqat – devoid of love/lovers Qalb- heart Veraan- empty Aghaaz- start Muhafazat- protection (husband’s muhafazat- ) Benayaz- exemplary Faraz- heightContinue reading “Urdu Ghazal – #love- By Aquib”

Blithe carefulness

Since the dawn the rays beaming and yelling, Epiphanies of the kind-cruel world, How the flower that bloomed was crushed ! How the periwinkle was uprooted ! The… the sparrows were poisoned and killed, The… the earthen pot was shattered , The sweetest water that I sipped Spilled and castigated on ground. Splash…splash…splash… The bitter-sweetContinue reading “Blithe carefulness”