Sticky downhill… 

Time to venture out and swim in the sea,  Elements, elixirs  that maketh thee.  Certain clocks that stopped ticking  Tis not the time, it’s constantly  marching,  Tis tiriding at my slumber state,  Smashing against the tyranny that upholds,  Though my eyes were open  Never had I opened the third one,  Until now, I see theContinue reading “Sticky downhill… “

Stand stand…. :Repost

#poem #life Watching shores slushing in the pool of hurdles. And the catapillers struggling for last moulding to transform And as the winter reaches heights animals crumble and shrieks.. Where is all the mights and ferocity?. All gone!. The shooted arrows returning shattering from inside.. The man of words and thoughts crumbling in the deepestContinue reading “Stand stand…. :Repost”

Monologue continued, part 3. The conversation. 

#poem #life   part 1 story (peom) 1 part2 Transitory dimension, 2(poem)  1. Master I beseech give me a glimpse of my land. Thy eyes can’t bear propensities of men and their whinges I fear, your bounded here, vacuous soul Your bound’s transitory, but I will make you see,  Good soul, is this what youContinue reading “Monologue continued, part 3. The conversation. “

Monologue continued part 2. Transitory  dimension 

  Please read part 1.  , A transitory  dimension.  1. Am I at the elisium?  It seems so ethereal.  “No my good soul”  I hear a voice meekly…  “it’s a stoppage, a tunnel”  “Do you see a flowing runnel”  “No”, I mumble.  Why it’s white and serene?  I yearn, am I asleep?  Take me back please. Continue reading “Monologue continued part 2. Transitory  dimension “

The voice. 

#poem #life The clap from cabaret.  The voice from minaret.  The echo unheard unheeded.  The walking dead, fondue in sineret.        Pliath in the minds, forgetting  The moon the nebula, serene signs  Your existence, imagination’s plights.  Numbers in loathsome sweltering,  Words combined, bandwagon assigned.  Still cannot prove the point.  Rebellious like partisan, workingContinue reading “The voice. “