The day


The day I still remember,
You reaching me out,
I thought you liked me,
And you once said that.
I was totally wrong
And worse was that
I thought you of my kind.
You got me in the deluge
And sang blasphemous verses,
And in your elixir
masked, in it was your poisons,
Aimed at cursing contrive hearts.
And me,got bereaved of myself,
I did feel exploited and torn,
faced all the repurcussions.
You connived me into madness.

Dialogue of Dhanush from Movie Ranjhana.


After a wide gap it’s pleasing to publish and share some of my poetry to the kind readers. I was really losing the streak onto WordPress community until one of my readers approached and said the astonishing thing, *only happens once in a millennium* , “I miss your writing”, that was enough for me (owing to my over enthusiastic nature) to be on cloud nine, (is this the phrase?), I was on the verge of saying “I love you marry me”.

I was given the task of finding extra territorial life by Nasa, themselves. Isn’t that great?( If you are looking for a plot there on Mars, your boy has got connection, I am the plug you need to contact ), this daunting task kept me busy and there was no wifi on mars, that was really a take-off for me. Besides this in about just some ‘infinite‘ years it might be possible to have an en – route to Mars,*fasten your seat belts*.

The people overthere resemble us homosapiens but just look more red, more like different shades of red, and girls are hot, mind it they spit fire enough to roast someone, so there it’s opposite of what we see on the Earth, men there are the “deprived ones” most of the time. Will update you guys more after my next flight to Mars.

How can I forget about Axandra? That lovely, beautifully red hot lady, I would be honest here she liked me, and she was passionate about me*awkward smile*. We watched the movie “pk” together and mind it that movie is nothing close to what Martians are like, they definitely don’t roam about being completely naked.

There was a point where she approached to kiss me when we were about to leave she was burning in emotions, somehow i managed to save my lips, (I definitely don’t want to be lip less, and seeing my lips melt away is not a good trade-off for a red hot beautiful Martian lady’s kiss).


peace love and equality.

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By, Aquib.




This poem happened when I replied to my awesome fellow reader in a poetic way and that triggered the poetic replies and led into beautiful symphony.

And due to my unavailability and her priorities this poem got delayed for the good.

Please do follow her, her writing is really mesmerizing and subtly sublime.


This poem that I am sharing its an serendipidy sometimes things just happen.

And we added the remaining stanzas to complete it.


Let the afflatus of poetry flow.
Summon oh dear! , let your words flow, the tides are high and the ark ready to afloat.
Board the deck, join the crew.
I have stepped down already, on this ark
Not with this mortal flesh, but with my soul
Can’t you see me?
With all your wisdom, I witness
You aught to be the mariner Supreme ,
The Visage of the flag.
I summon your poetic you to rule and mesmerize .
I can see sparkles the shimmery shine
The shine is but the reflection
Of the glow of the sea
We wish not to conquer but to blend,
The waves and me
There are submissive laws,
That universes get governed with,
Don’t shed tears or lay beneath,
The sorrow and vexed huts,
Don’t be their secluded hermit.
Embrace the divine laws.
Submit to the divine inspiration.

My submission is clear,
To the laws and Faith in divinity.
Don’t ask me but,
To abandon sorrow.
For that which is a flaw of my flesh
Can’t diminish, can’t vanish
Sure the marks on sand of time,
Don’t wash away with the waves,
It exist in realm where
what exist is you.
There once you set yourself to the truth,
Your new garment embraces you
With new zeal and vigour.
And sets you free.
And sets me free.

Under the laws of divinity .

To yet again walk on those sands,

With the new ark whistling .

To yet again touch the waves

Anticipating the journey.

The ocean of possibilities,

The mighty tides of poetry.

©Copyright reserved.

By, Pramegha and Aquib.

the keleidoscope the electricity in brain, word them before they get lost.

The Smile ….

I saw you, dear, with a smile on your face,

followed your mind as you sway

and made my heart yearn for thee

and made my lips accustomed to your name

Just by the smile on your face.


You made my heart a vacant space

filled by your, only presence!

i walked your steps and your treads,

towards the turn i turn  away, Only!

Just by the smile on your face.


My eyes tries to tell my endearment

the stone on my heart shadowed, before it radiates

a will, passion and desire so strong yet so meek,

a feeling of closeness remains

just by the smile on your face.


You as a whole but seems a part of me

dry tears of my affection just echoes in your ears

stumbling endearment  I share, but

your heart beating and just beated, only.

And I smile,

just by the smile on your face.



©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght 2017

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aquib. keep smiling.

The setting of the sun.

Image credit Aquib.

My endearment lied in my hands,

Unblemished it was unable to reach your shore.

We though seem to converge,

But it was the lie of the eye.

We were parellel like the shore.


My tears, laughter dried with your Visage diverging,

In the teritory where my shadow vanishes,

Thou shalt then have the shade unknown.

And my memories as honey dripping on your soul.


I was shattered in sea of turmoil,

With wounds of time when I collided.

Dear, why hath you laughed at my wounds?”

Even though your heart cried,

Your shine christened my wounds.


I can’t see sun brilliant at us,

Hazing you, besides the warmth.

The cold doth chilled me but

your clandestine embrace

(You were my God sent sun)

Though healed my wounded heart.

‘Silly me, with each crystals of Epiphany,

Swayed me away with the ebbing riverine.’

How canst you then lie in the ashen figments?

It’s a Phoenix and will resurrect,

resuscitate you when thy sun rage.

Silly you to say me endearing words,

The uncanny bulwark faltered,

Buried our wonderlust love..


The Harp that I played the lore ,

Echoed in the valley of wraiths

The strings percussed until

It broke with jaded crescendo.

Will ye be happy now?, Nah!

My farewell remain due until now.

Will ye then witness the sun set?

It’s now lost in the horizon.

Where you shalt then happily cry,

And with glee my prayers

Will Jocund your walks.


©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2018.


An unknown niche. (Poem).

Courtesy of !ns¡ght.

I can see stars

falling from the sky

Slowly but eventually.

I always wanted them

to be there to emblish

the sky, but Alas!! .

Seeing my thoughts

falling apart,

Pieces by pieces,

slowly withering away.


My puerile attempt for

the smile, sublimed,

Reminding me that i was

just a sovereign solivagant.

And nobody in your cascade

of tempting thoughts.

I shall tread yet another mile,

To hearken to a forlorn soul.

And dicipher its cryptic clues.

And feed on its pain

unless it set itself free.


I am but a dying ember,

With each light I gave I got dimmed.

Ardent albatross kept me flickering.

Sullied by the smothering hands,

Smudging me, leaving me interred.


The thoughts;thy thoughts

lingered in my grey matter,

Stealing away from my eyes to thee,

This prevaricated thoughts died,

On the pyre of thy eyes.

I now stand on a platform,

Listening to the whistle of train from afar.

It’s time to end the moments that were captured in our vitreous.

Your apprision smiled in glee,

With trailing rails

vanishing behind,

as I moved

In an unknown niche.

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Image do not belong to me.

Bag of sand

My life being like the darkness of the dungeons,
in all hues of blues I remembered to smile.
Absorbing all rays, charring me.
Oft times I smiled at my loved ones,
alas! receiving the nonchalant smirks.



For every love’s stimuli, it responded
With red rage and consigns .
Like the refugees of the outskirts,
castigated and looked down upon.
Vanishing were images in photographs,
In the album that was close to my heart.
I wish the hiraeth exists for me too!
Contrary,i’m on excavation for the home .



I live by feeding morsels of wistful sham,
The daggers clenched by the same blood
Pierced my heart whenever I embraced them.
But Still masquerading smiles and



Revolving around the sun with the earth,
Being the same ,like bag of sand, pummeled.
I leaked down to ashes ,
Vanishing somewhere in the vast sky.

© Copyright reserved. !nsight


A Repost, will be reposting few more for my new readers have fun.

Hope you all will like. Just been occupied, will be back with new posts. 😊😊, bear with me guys.



I don’t know what love is?
I just want to see
that teeth when you smile
ya I know it’s hard for you to show it ,
Since you are too camera conscious.


I don’t want to know the intracies of love.
I just want you to see you happy.
In the green dress, embroidered with lace
I love it when you wear that,
Yes, I like traditional dresses you know it.


I don’t know how to express my love.
I just don’t want you to get wet in the rain,
When we share same umbrella.
And nobody sees you with evil eyes
esp when you dress up in white.
You just lack wings, nobody can deny.
If I say, ‘you are an angel’ .


I don’t know the love vibes,
But when you are with me I feel comfortable,
And when I embrace you I forget all pains,
It’s the best feeling, like an energy drink.
Reviving me to calmness and peace.


I don’t know love,
But you are my coolness of my eyes.
In all my prayers I remembered you,
You are the reason I woke up early.
And your sweet advices got in my veins.
I am not asking anything more, is it?
Just want to be together with you,
Until my last breath.
I know you cried for me for some lovely reasons
Trust me you look more beautiful,
(yeah what can I do)
Your checks reddened like tomatoes,
But let your tears falls its good for your
Beautiful eyes.
I know one remedy, my embrace just makes you happy.


Your tranquility is infectious only to me,
The peace you have is only for me.
And I have the same for you.
If this is called “love”,
Then I love you the most.


Photos taken by me.

Shot on MI5. Stock app.

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It was my sunshine even in my gloom,
all my cracks seemed to smile
And my demons ran away.
Only by mere figment about you.


Wish I can get hold of your hand,
And be under your shade till I die,
Life has unpredictable discourse,
I know behind every laugh,
Behind every silent
You are trying hard to forget me.
I somehow know you cry
For me; for the love lies reticent in elysium.


Even though you look beautiful,
But you are an angel, I can see that shine.
Your face glowing so bright.
You are certainly from the heavens.
I never felt like this before.
I never can ever feel this again, I guess.
But have to live with your memory.
You have to go, you need to forget me.
But you are always alive in my memory.

©Copyright reserved. !ns¡ght


Poetry is you.

Poetry is not just the words, poetry is you.

Poems do not speak, speaketh what is you.

It speak to the world in silent words,

Even though the mouths remain shut.


I have pain, longing, desires & epiphanies,

And soulful words soujouring in my larynx..

While it comes to mouth in ominous shy.

And when it says, “you are my coolness of my eyes”. ”

” Remember me in thy prayers”,

“this world a stagnant remorse”.

“beware of the whispers of demons”.

Reside in them are my breathe that I blew.


Poetry is love when moon kisses,

And when sun cools down,

And speak not of callous hostility.

But surely of melting hearts.


Poem is when tears roll down,

Poem is when ignite senses around,

Poem is when it Kindle fire in ashes.

An amranthine sparks in the brains.

Poetry is you, and you are the poetry.

Surely it’s you and you are the poetry.






Images are taken by me.

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A Poem.


Under the mauve sheet layered intricately,

The hearts painted with raging blood,

From the tale of Romeo Juliet to till now,

All those died cause of love.

Those pompous pillers, and stairways,

Hearts Serenading the rosy apparition.


Entangled, espoused were gallant bloods,

Treaded the roads of desert for the

Ocean of love.

Lively-history and silentious numbers,

Bards of past still ponder.

Why The gold rusted and

Why the diamond burnt?


It stood in magnificent fane,

Calling out for the hand of sane ,

Lies underneath all the brave,

Some stood at outskirts,

Thinking ’bout the foolish pace.

Forgetting; time is the master of all Fates.


There were neither fane nor minerats,

As long as I digest the universe’s tale.

The cosmos around is bewildering

Shaking, vituperating us.

Alas we died at its fate,

Devouring all the pains and trials.

Arise, come to the shore,

On the land locked by no ocean

Only sea with salt and grains.


©Copyright reserved