Echos in the ripples of the consigning wave.

Kept calling your name with fortitude.

Marvelling at your shadowed sight.



You felled down,

bowed like hypocrites.

And then expected

a return to show that face.

You poured down

of what you were feeded,

You remained in the

boxes that were given.



Things aren’t fair or just

All are painted with same color,

Rights are wrongs and wrongs are rights.

When the one shouts for rights

there is no unison,

All bathing in the same blood..

When the distinction of zero and one

are faded with concoction, then,

following shall be Dire destructions.



The wrongs bellied in bogged assuages,

There shall be then no return,

When then thy fall

in the pit of conflagration,

Ignorant and blinded by qualm lights.

Ye! Well then be a zombie?

Eventually crying out with contrite heart.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght




Things are not as they seem dear,
It’s apparently magnificent but it’s all pseudo.
You cry for loses each day and shed tears
In the oblivious night you remained silently awake ,
For the reason untamely tepid.



These flummoxing flap to glide across,
Realm after realm, stars after stars,
But again it’s pseudo my dear…
Didn’t you see the cage around?
These glitzy wall, chandeliers and
Candle lights…
Flash lights and neon signs blinding thy eyes?



There shall be remorse and catanonic plights,
Vituperation and consigning ramparts.,
Will mellow down the fire and flame,
With all that you started will crumble back to its initial state.



I can’t smile at your pseudo business affairs,
And see you floundering in the sea of pseudo opulence,
Among all mirrors that showed your mights,
But you missed your own reflexion yourself, my dear! .



The truth you missed and ignored,
Was the one that will set you free,
I can only, but say,
My lines here die in fondue of immortality,
I neither have penies nor stardust,
I left these words and few sentences,
Hither and thither.



If you get out of your pseudo palace,
These permuting surrounding will shout at you.
And make you deaf until you crumble in the sporic wall …
Until you mould and transform.
And shed the wall and transform
Into vivid shiny butterfly..


Tried a Haiku… For you..

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Love #3. Apparition. 

Oh dear glad you found me,

Was shackled by the shadowy beasts,

In those aeons of trials ‘n tribulations

I interred in a cascade  bartered,

Surely your hands so feebly strong,

That it hold be right.


Oh dear dont be crazy at me,

I looked upon your silhouette,

As you walked passed by.

Since the time I saw you,

I never knew,

You were by my side.

Dear, remember the laughter we  share

Over the silly cup of tea,

I was really a caffeine addict,

Therefore I always stole

half the apart of yours.

It was really  silly of me.


Love we shared was so delicately strong,

Your perky tears that my hand soaked

I won’t let it fall,  my dear! ,

I once told if that appears again,

‘Gandhi ji would start a march there.’


Your desires and demands

Were like your books,

Your smile and demure I admired the most.

Sometimes your beady eyes sparkled

The joy and bliss channelising in ‘tween.


And across the road we stand

Amidst  the heavy traffic in ‘tween

Waiting for the clear signs. 

Only to see the apparition,

In the stillness of slowing silence

Where once you stood,

Waving your hand.

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Zephyr pecked my ears,
And Kissed bygone years.


hibiscus bloomed, pollen spreads,
smells the love’s petrichor, tears sear.


flowing down the aisle of cheeks ,
Yet you smiled with so meek.


Cloud bursted fears and bliss,
Hiding the sun behind, it gleamed.


have profoundly abominable diadem ,
But y’r pulchritude dissolves my mayhem.


have a candor belief, your embrace
Your aura is ardor, killed my nebulous grace.


Shining stars permeate our stardust
your radiance filled my nights’ darkness.


Declining are days as we grey and senesce,
Our love brewed the ardor deep in the chalice.


©Copyright reserved

!ns¡ght 2018


An Anchor (A collaboration)

A collaborative work with NOVUS LECTIO. , I am glad and awe struck with her sincerity and straight forwardness , i must say this…
Please do seep through her blog site and I am sure you will be her ardent site follower.
Now here is the poem,, fasten your seat belt. 😋
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The need of a friend
js what I’m seekings
I’ve looked everywhere
but I’m still searching.
No one is able to reach me
deep into my feelings
Where my hurts linger.
Like the feeling of  
serene dreams,
where like minds
flock together. 
A place sojourn
in the land somewhere.
The need is just to “come out”. 
To Break
the tedious monotonous tone,
and sing aloud under the red sky,
With patience and
the surrenderance 
you shall see the stand,
the anchor dearly hoped,
where you can gleefully stand.
This world is a hoax,
a unsatiate dilemma
& a flummoxed serendipity.
Not understood is overwhelming ,
No trust is given
Only to the sweet being
Who is worthy
Of my love and caring.
Where are you dear friend?
I’m tired of thinking
About my nights and days.
You’re my hope and lightning
In the darkness of life.
You’re the piece missing
In this world of fear.
Peace and understanding
Are hard to find nowadays ,
As much as you are hiding.
Thy shall be tested so art we.
You who is as fit as a fiddle,
And as strong as a spartan,
You who marched alone, ahead,
Unlike those of the six hundred,
Shall pass sweep all the hurdles,
Since, the guiding torch you possess,
And the rope you clenched,
is far divine from those
of the masquerading face.
Rest all is a pseudo
feelings of perplexity,
And make believe
a new day will shine,
And you shall have the hand,
Where you shall find
peace tranquility.
©Copyright reserved 
Novus lectio, !ns¡ght 
 Novus alias BGC  and Aquib

True love…  (a ballad) 


Telling you the reminiscence of the constant past.

Of a boy who lived and searched his bays.

happiness he spread with no hatred.

And spent his days with his chosen friends,

Smiling and sharing gleeful tales.

He grew up with principles and fables, learnt.

And met and made new friends with group of boys and girls.

One such among took his heart,

And he fell for her, as if he got ensnarled.

He helped and glued with her,

But his Adhesive were pale and strut.


An another boy took his love

So far in stinted fane,

She did not realise and followed,

the boy looked her in aghast shallow.

He spent days and nights sinking in the thoughts,

For what actually went wrong!

The relinquishing remarks he made,

‘This wasn’t my love, and it was a mistake. ..’

He went forth treading his paths

Becoming what he desired,

And engrossing the thing he admired.


He sat one day, and thought for his love.

Tears formed in his eyes and dried

As his comrades can infer.

All his days passed like a unquenchable thirst…

‘All I did, was only for her return?’ ..

A piece of his heart was still with her..

Alas, his remorse can never discern.

He grew and grew and grew old.

His might and strength and body senescenced,
A parchment paper appeared and it said,

‘The love you crave has died,

The girl once you loved has now realised’

For her heart beated for him,

Craving to returned to his vortex, each moment!

But alas! everything were too late.

His thirst quenched with the ink,

As it disappears with the tears in every winks.

And closed his eyes with a smile

And saw his love talking to him, again!

Taking him to the magnificent realm of sane.

Aquib khan .

Just an extra pic.

Read a similar poem A Love Story(poem)

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Unsung love. 

Smirking when I let myself fall,

Besides your hazy trail

Your sights at me setting me ablaze

What should I meant to do, Why can’t

you say?




I am a fragmented soul of cruxes

Fighting in the darkness of blue,

Floundering in the flood of perplexing thoughts

Hitching myself away but latching with you.




Shall I come to you!? my intuition says ‘no’

It’s a hasty surge of lost soul

Your charm just spread for all

And obviously anyone can fall!!




Amorous glances and infectious smile,

When words fell short

To describe your aura that fall,

Was it general for all?




Alas, as you fade away with the tide,

I know my love always hide

It will always remained buried,

In the sands of time.




I cared for you and always will,

Away you are, utmost carefree.

Oils of my midnight lamp burns.

As my careful eyes make a spree.




My love was true, if you stumbled upon me

With your evolution of emotions turning into sea,

I would turn my arms, as your home ,

If you become a inhabitant of me.




My love is unexpressing

It’s hidden in a reticent bay

Help me to decipher, oh dear soul!

My eyes just tell the tales.




Tirading time moved us away,

Too far in the unnamed fanes

Scrounging me with her memories

Oh, my love please come back again.




©copyright reserved 2017


Keep smiling



The Smile ….

I saw you, dear, with a smile on your face,

followed your mind as you sway

and made my heart yearn for thee

and made my lips accustomed to your name

Just by the smile on your face.


You made my heart a vacant space

filled by your, only presence!

i walked your steps and your treads,

towards the turn i turn  away,

Only when you turned away,

Just by the smile on your face.


My eyes tries to tell my endearment

the stone on my heart shadowed, before it radiates

a will, passion and desire so strong yet so weak ,

a feeling of closeness remains

just by the smile on your face.


You as a whole but seems a part of me

dry tears of my affection just echoes in your ears

stumbling endearment  I share, but

your heart beating and just beated, only.

And I smile,

just by the smile on your face.



©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght 2017

aquib. keep smiling.




With the sweet words

And the smile on the face

Accolades for everyone

Withering each day,

From the dusk to dawn

Hearing the bursting of cloud

With the flash of thunderstorm

Waiting each day for the rain

To the sweet face, drenching it wet

Seeing their gates wide open

Smiling each day, for the drops to come.



Standing at the station

Watching the train stops.

Yearning for my dear to appear.

With all the whistling vanishing

the platform gets clear.


Walking like an agitated stoic soul

To the jungle of beast kinship

Getting weak by its dementor

Until, a glowing  sweet soul,

With eyes wide glancing,.

Like an apparition so high but so nigh

Calling to the awaited fane..

Giving me the cup free of frivolity

Free of all ill taint.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017

Aquib Khan

here I am. 

the story (poem Part1). 
betrayal song. 

Email me for feedback and comment down if you have any thoughts.



I saw myself happy and contended.

With God’s love and mercy, supplemented 

I laughed full of joy and comprehended,

Why isnt I reached here, first?, I lamented. 

Foods, and money is no issue,’M contended.

Lost of words I face,  people here so affiliated. 

I am so special, I feel connected, not segregated. 

I smile and asked and it’s done, I am so fascinated. 

I hear a cry, loud enough, I am now, fasiculated, 

To saw myself, sucked away, like demented. 

Saw myself alive, senses now commanded.

I want to get back, I asked my senses. 

‘There is no way, get on your feet, it’s not your menses. ‘

I walked alone in the way, full of trenches. 

A tear forms, and said I am ready to fall. 

Behold I said, “eyes you  have to be strong” . 
Again I said to ears and mind, along

You see myself torn and wrecked. 

But I  feel blessed as I have you all.
There is a lot of reason for you to smile even in your hardest time.

We just have to look for it.

Keep smiling my dear reader. ☺️

Aquib khan.
©Copyright reserved.

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