On the auspicious wedding night She told him to sleep sound & tight Nay! not with her but with flimsy, Car, AC, cash and bright filigree. Till date the Couplets are told, “Oh Mir! your daughter is no more”. He only forgot to give the white shroud, A body laden with red Lehga was brought.Continue reading “THE BALLAD OF MIR’S DAUGHTER’s DEATH.”


The aura on your faceI wonder the scintillationThat shower on your demureSo valvety, vivid and voracious.  The moon sometimes envy youOh beloved! Loving you was my blessings,Wish our endearment lasted forever.Today the moon is crying as well,And the sunflower watching in despair.For you are the angel walkingWith you periwinkle dance in airAnd moon smileAnd theContinue reading “She”


My window overlooks a crescent moon There are stars shimmering and Twinkling, I peep into the glory of these scintillation A churlish child’s unfettered smile, egged my eyes, it was me- a coltish child. I swam again deeper into the alabastrine star, flabbergasted by the nightingale’s welcome Trees with outstretched hand hugging me, “Oh! sweetContinue reading “Light”

She ( 3)

Each day I yearn to see her,On the same platform where she left me.I see her caricature exactly  Below this lamp-postUntil the tangerine sunsetgets enveloped by the darkness of the night. Like the relinquished king I still waveLike how I bid her adios the last time.Her  smuged memoriesoverpowering me at timesHave taken from methe overwhelmingContinue reading “She ( 3)”

WHO? (Bilingual) Urdu ghazal- Aquib Khan

Kis  kis  ko   sunata    raho     adhori   kahaniyan, Mad   mast   insaan   hai   koi  sunne  wale  kaha. To whom should I narrate my incomplete stories People are drawn into intoxication and will be listen by whom. Ishq  kia   bil   khuloos   nibhaya   dil  o   jaan  se Zamane Continue reading “WHO? (Bilingual) Urdu ghazal- Aquib Khan”