Wo pass hai (She is near) (Bilingual) – Urdu Ghazal- Aquib khan

GlossaryTaaruf- introductionTareef- appreciationQalb- e veran – lonely heartMakhsus – reserved chosenBebaha- preciousKhayanat –Faraaz- zenithRakh e zeb – ashes of her Elegancesunahra- shiny hujhoom- group Dur ho Kar bhi woh mujhse bahut pass hai,Tumhe Kya gumaan hai kitni wo pass hai.Although she is afar yet she is very closeSo close that I can’t describe how closeLikhContinue reading “Wo pass hai (She is near) (Bilingual) – Urdu Ghazal- Aquib khan”

Urdu Ghazal- Aquib Khan

Teri   munafiqat     ke   qisse   sunaoga, Kaise   Teri    roshni    ek   zehar   Hain . Teri  lafz  me  muasiqi  ki  dhong hain, Tere   nachne  wale   sirf   hajar   Hain. Teri aziyat h….tu  ab  sir pair   maregi Har  waqt  har  lamha  na  guzar  hain. Teri hi  lafz  tujhe  hi Continue reading “Urdu Ghazal- Aquib Khan”

Blithe carefulness

Since the dawn the rays beaming and yelling, Epiphanies of the kind-cruel world, How the flower that bloomed was crushed ! How the periwinkle was uprooted ! The… the sparrows were poisoned and killed, The… the earthen pot was shattered , The sweetest water that I sipped Spilled and castigated on ground. Splash…splash…splash… The bitter-sweetContinue reading “Blithe carefulness”

A town

The lilac sky in hues of pale blues Crying each day for desserts In the deserted lost town . Under the lamp post of hopes I still stand among castigated parchments. Those were dreams that I weaved . The winter has come, With my balmy breaths I am counting On my fingers some days ofContinue reading “A town”