She ( 3)

Each day I yearn to see her,On the same platform where she left me.I see her caricature exactly  Below this lamp-postUntil the tangerine sunsetgets enveloped by the darkness of the night. Like the relinquished king I still waveLike how I bid her adios the last time.Her  smuged memoriesoverpowering me at timesHave taken from methe overwhelmingContinue reading “She ( 3)”

Untitled poem.

The fluttering wind echoes petrichor tales. What vermilion love you bring, oh dear? The sun had set, the sun had set. Can you beat the time’s recompense? I am the being that breathe elixir of veritability. I can’t escape the jabs of time. On my knees I am dear, please hold my hand For oneContinue reading “Untitled poem.”

Sailed away

Today I felt like a shattered piece of glass, something missing in me that kept haunting me. Now, my lachrymal glands have dried too. These four walls that helped me soothe are also crying, I can hear them. It’s what world has to offer me- Morsels and dead dried leaves. Those halo charm, voice andContinue reading “Sailed away”